The Coolest Hiking Trails in the United States

Are you ready to get out into the open air and tour some of nature’s best hiking trails this summer? Well, you’re in luck! One of the safest ways to vacation these days is to choose outdoorsy activities, which gives us the amazing opportunity to explore the beauty of the American landscape.

We’ve created a list of some of the most incredible hiking trails in the United States. But before you go, make sure to pick up one of our Newverest National Park Posters so that you can track and plan your trips!


Mariposa, California’s Half Dome Trail: For a Thrilling Hiking Challenge

For seasoned hikers that are ready for a challenge, you’ll definitely want to try out the Half Dome Trail located in Yosemite National Park. You won’t regret it either - the view at the top is incredible!

It has its own cable set up at the last leg of the journey, so you won’t need to bring your own mountain climbing equipment. But this is definitely not for beginners, so train up with some of our other trails on this list if you want to meet this lofty climbing goal!


Bar Harbor, Maine’s Beehive Loop Trail: For a Gorgeous Short Hike

Located in Acadia National Park, the Beehive Loop Trail offers delightful views of the sea. This trail is only about two miles long, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a total walk in the park.

There are still some iron rungs to climb at steeper points, although it’s not as rigorous as the Half Dome. On the loop back around, you can explore a glorious deciduous forest.


Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan’s Pyramid Point Trail: Fun for the Whole Family

The Pyramid Point Trail is hilly and low risk. Although at some points, the hills are still steep. It is known for its beautiful diversity of scenery that is sure to keep the kids occupied. It contains a meadow, high bluffs, and a maple-beech forest.

The full loop is almost three miles long, but the high point is about a half-mile in, so don’t feel like you have to do the whole thing!


Talkeetna, Alaska’s Kesugi Ridge Trail: A Great Backpacking Adventure

If you want to devote an entire weekend (or longer) for some hiking and camping, you’ll definitely want to check out the Kesugi Ridge Trail, which runs right between Denali State Park and Denali National Park.

It’s a difficult trail, but it’s pretty vast, so you can determine your routes based on your comfort level. It’s also dog-friendly, so bring your fur baby!


Hanalei, Hawaii’s Kalalau Trail: Beautiful Coastal Hike

The Na Pali coast is absolutely gorgeous along the Kalalau Trail. It is a whopping 22-mile hike (if you were to hike the whole thing) and it is definitely for more experienced hikers.

You can camp overnight if you’d like, which is very worthwhile. Just imagine lying out under the stars with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the jungle on the other!


Mount Ranier National Park, Washington’s Burroughs Mountain Trail: Coolest Mountain Hike

If you want to see Mount Ranier in its full picturesque glory, you’ll definitely want to check out the Burroughs Mountain Trail.

On this trail, you can see Mount Ranier from top to bottom. But that’s not the only attraction here. You can see a variety of glorious wildlife such as marmots, deer, and mountain goats. Plus, you’ll uncover glorious lakes and the Emmons Glacier!


Hurricane, Utah’s Angel’s Landing Trail: Coolest Scenic Hike

Zion National Park is home to magnificent canyons and mesas. The Angel’s Landing Trail gives a spectacular view of the canyons at the top of its climb.

In the final half-mile of the 4.4-mile hike, there are chains installed in the rock so hikers can hold themselves up - it’s definitely not for the faint of heart! But even if you don’t do the last leg of the journey, the views are still worth it.


Effigy Mounds, Iowa, Hanging Rock Trail: For a Historical Hike

The Hanging Rock Trail is located at the Effigy Mounds National Monument, which contains a Native American burial ground.

The indigenous people here used to make fascinating effigy statues out of rock that resembles animals or symbols of importance to their culture. On this trail, you can take in the rich history and pay your respects to this land.


Sedona, Arizona’s Devil’s Bridge Trail: Coolest Desert Hike

The Devil’s Bridge Trail shows breathtaking views of the intricate sand formations that Sedona is known for.

This trail also has the largest sandstone arch in the entire area, so this is definitely the trail to explore. Plus, the light of sunrise brings out the vivid natural colors of the rock that you won’t want to miss.


Gatlinburg, Tennessee’s Alum Cave Trail: Colorful Summer Scenery

Vibrant rhododendrons are in merry bloom along the trail in early summer, sweetening the air and offering gorgeous scenery. Intricate rock formations leading up to Alum Cave Trail give hikers plenty to explore.

In warm weather, you can swim through the creaks to cool off and you’ll find plenty of protection from the sun’s rays amongst the trees. This is an easy and popular hike and it’s the perfect time to go!


We hope you found the perfect trail on this list for you! Experienced hikers can traverse the thrilling cliffs of Kalalau or the Half Dome.

People looking for a breezier adventure can find it at Alum Cave or Pyramid Point. All of the trails on this list offer serene and mystical views. If you found any trails that are calling your name, let us know in the comments below!