30 Most Photo Worthy Places To Visit At Least Once In Your Life

You better get out a pen and paper, because it’s time to start writing down that bucket list! We compiled a list of the 30 most photo-worthy places to visit at least once in your life. 

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Venice, Italy: Canals 

The buildings that line the grand canal date back between the 13th and 18th centuries. You can catch a gondola ride and take beautiful pictures as you float along the water.


Wiltshire, England: Stonehenge 

Who built Stonehenge and why is one of life’s greatest mysteries. It is rumored that it was built by Celtic high priests somewhere around the 17th century.


Agra, India: Taj Mahal 

In 1632, the Taj Mahal was commissioned to act as a mausoleum for the emperor’s wife. Now, you can tour its beautiful ornate structure and take a photo for the memories!


Positano, Italy: Coastline 

The many buildings that line the cliffs overlooking the Positano coastline are a sight to see. You can see the cut off where the housing ends and the mountainous terrain starts to take over.


Chefchaouen, Morocco: Blue Architecture 

Chefchaoeun is famous for its unique blue buildings that wind through narrow streets and alleyways. It is nicknamed “The Blue Pearl,” and its relaxing atmosphere and photographic lure draws in people from all over the world.


Zambia, South Africa: Victoria Falls 

Victoria Falls is also known as “The Smoke That Thunders.” It is one of the largest waterfalls and it’s also a hub for some unique wildlife.


New York, New York: City Skyline 

There are many hot spots to catch a great view of the New York City skyline, such as the Empire State Building or Central Park. The city is so huge that it’s almost impossible to see the whole thing from end to end, no matter where you go.


North Africa: Sahara Desert 

The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the entire world. It is characterized by enormous rolling dunes that you can snap for your Instagram.


Paris, France: Rue Cremieux 

Rue Cremieoux is a pleasant little pedestrian walkway in Paris. It’s a popular photo and filming destination.


The Maldives: Niyama 

Niyama is a beautiful and intimate resort in the Maldives that juts out into the sea. You can photograph the ocean below you right from your window.


English Channel: Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic coast is so named because about 185 million years of erosion has created coastal layers of various geological periods. It’s not often that a simple photo captures years and years of time travel!


Vietnam: Ha Long Bay 

Ha Long is translated to “descending dragon.” It features intriguingly shaped limestone karsts, islands, and small caves.


Nagano Japan: Jigokudani Yaen-koen Hot Springs 

Humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy bathing in the hot springs of Nagano. It also lures the snow monkeys that are perfectly photogenic, should you be lucky enough to spot them!


Grand Canyon National Park, Utah: South Rim of the Grand Canyon 

If you visit the viewpoints of the south rim of the Grand Canyon, you’ll see a clear and distinct separation in the rock layers. The colors are quite vivid and the rock shapes are very interesting in this particular spot.


Kauai, Hawaii: Na Pali Coast 

Na Pali Coast State Park has just over 6,000 acres of fertile volcanic coastline landscape. Steep colorful coastal cliffs and vibrant flora and fauna make this place truly special.


Santorini, Greece: Coastline 

The island of Santorini was formed by volcanic activity. The colorful architecture of the towns as they meet the sea is definitely a Kodak moment.


Trolltunga, Norway: Landscape 

Trolltunga is a giant rock formation in Norway that juts out from the nearby mountain. Its unique cliffs and structures lure hikers from all around the globe to experience and photograph it.


Milan, Italy: Milan Cathedral 

The Milan Cathedral in Italy is so vast and intricate that it took about six centuries to build! It contains a good number of various statues and artwork, all of which are already breathtaking just by themselves.


Mumbai, India: Colaba Causeway 

The Colaba Causeway is one of many popular Indian markets that sell goods as far as the eye can see. Immerse yourself in the culture and take some fabulous pics along the way.


Bundeena, Australia: Wedding Cake Rock 

Wedding Cake Rock is straight up WEIRD. Located in Bundeena, Australia, it’s a giant slab of sandstone rock that is aptly named Wedding Cake Rock...because that’s exactly what it looks like!


Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland: Ice Caves 

Vatnajokull is a versatile National Park with much to explore. One of the many places to grab a photographic masterpiece is the ice caves, which make you feel like you have landed on another planet!


Bolivia: Uyuni Salt Flats 

This otherworldly area is a giant salt flat surrounded by fresh and saltwater lakes and encapsulated by mountains. At sunrise, the sun reflects off of the salt flat, making it feel like you’re walking on ice (in spite of the warm weather).


Cappadocia, Turkey: Hot Air Balloons 

Cappadocia is most famously known for its hot air balloon rides. Watching hundreds of hot air balloons floating in the sky is almost as spectacular as overlooking the majestic natural cliffs while you’re in one yourself.


Nice, France: Promenade des Anglais 

The view of the Promenade des Anglais from the nearby Chateau hill covers the curvature of the roadway, palm trees, and coastline. It’s a popular spot for a beach day.


Sardinia, Italy: Saddle of the Devil 

Saddle of the Devil is located in the Italian province of Cagliari. If you climb up the path at Saddle of the Devil you’ll see a wide view of the open ocean and surrounding coastline!


Hong Kong, China: City Streets 

The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong is a parade of cars, trolleys, and neon lights. There’s so much to do and so many photos to take.


Banff National Park, Canada: Moraine Lake 

Moraine Lake is glacially fed, giving it the beautiful aquamarine coloring. In summer, you can enjoy kayaking, hiking, and photobombing.


Patagonia, South America: Andes Mountains 

Patagonia is in the south section of the Andes. Imagine taking home gorgeous photos of the many fjords, lakes, peaks, and glaciers!


Queensland, Australia: Great Barrier Reef 

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. It’s so big and bright that you can see it from above the surface of the water.


Algarve, Portugal: Seaside Cliffs 

Algarve, Portugal contains pleasant seaside cliffs and rock formations that come up from the sea. You can photograph the whole coastline from one of the many towering cliffs.


We hope you found a few new vacation ideas to add to your personal list. Get those cameras (or phones) out and start planning! Which destinations on this list are calling your name?