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Track Your Adventures

Keep travel memories alive with the Newverest® Trek Scratcher™. Track the places you’ve visited and plan future adventures. Every time you visit a new country or state, scratch off the outer layer and reveal the beautiful color hiding underneath.

And as you scratch, make sure to put your travels on display! Hang your map on the wall of your office, house, or kid’s room. Turn your travels into a work of art!

Top Rated Gift for Travelers

Thousands of Newverest’s customers have already made Newverest’s Trek Scratchers the go-to gift for friends and family.

Beautiful Home or Office Decor

Hang it in your office, home, or kid’s room to showcase your family’s travels. Add a frame, and turn your memories into a work of art.

Conversation Starter

You’ve visited beautiful places, now show off your adventures with a beautiful Trek Scratcher™️.

Plan Your Futures Trips

With this awesome map now you can easily can see where you have been and where you want to go next.

Newverest Major League Ballpark Scratch Off Poster

The Newverest Major League Ballpark Scratch Off Poster helps you track and plan visits to baseball stadiums across the U.S. Once you visit a stadium, scratch away the thin layer of foil to discover the hidden colors beneath. It’s an amazing gift for baseball fans, sports enthusiasts, kids, and adults.

Trek Scratchers™ of the USA

Trek Scratchers™ of the World

Scratch Off Maps for Kids

Scratch Off Map Frames

Scratch Map: Mark Travel Destinations and Plan New Trips

Every scratch off map sold by Newverest is high quality, whether it’s a World Map or a USA Map. You can rest assured you won’t be getting cheap materials from Newverest’s online site.

COMMON ACCESSORIES: Our World and USA scratch map come with a scratch tool to help you scrape away the outer layer of foil, pushpins to help you plan where you want to go, and a microfiber cleaning cloth to help you rub away the leftover outer layer.

WORLD SCRATCH MAP: This colorful poster helps you track every country throughout the world that you’ve been to and the ones you still need to visit. Europe and Asia are featured in large special insets so you won’t miss anything.

USA SCRATCH OFF MAP: Just as colorful as it’s World counterpart, use this map as a tracker for every state in the USA, big or small. You can also use it to visit every national park and plan out where your next road trip will take you. Scratch off the gold layer of all the places you’ve been to. The deluxe editions have a beautiful silver layer to scratch away.

How to Pick the Scratch Off Map That’s Right for You


What Will You Get Out Of A Scratch Off Travel Map