6 Most Adventurous Places For The Thrill Seeking Adventurers

Regular trips might not please you if you love seeking thrilling experiences. In that case, you will need a place that gives you an adrenaline boost, making you forget the whole world while you enjoy the adventurous destinations.  

In these times of lockdown, you may be in a state of sorrow for not being able to go out. But you must uplift your spirit because this won’t last forever. When these tough times end, you can pack your bag up and continue your daring journey. 

Hence, we have curated a list of six adventurous places for thrill-seekers. So, get ready to build up some courage and awake the daredevil in you.


1. Antarctica

What’s the first thing that comes to mind after hearing Antarctica? That’s right, snow! But there’s more to this region than just snow. It packs a variety of unlimited thrilling adventures as well. From stormy seas to bone-chilling temperatures, Antarctica will test the daredevil in you.

It isn’t easy to get here and experience several things. But you can do it if you have utter determination. Traveling enthusiasts consider it the ‘adventure of a lifetime’ which only a handful of people enjoy. Yet, you can’t just have that without actually going there. 

Zodiac boats offer the perfect choice to roam around the region, absorbing the calm vibes. Hence, if you want to dive into the escapade, choose a cruise that offers you a Zodiac expedition.


2. Leon, Nicaragua 

A humongous 2,400-foot black sand volcano made this place a top priority of adrenaline junkies. The most sought activity here is the exhilarating volcano boarding. Crusade your way all the down from the slope of an active volcano on a simple homemade board. 

This black sand volcano is situated in Central America and is perfect for sliding down. All the way down you will experience an intense rush of adrenaline through your veins. 

After surviving the 65-mph race down the volcano, you can go and challenge the waves. Get yourself a surfboard and hit the nearby coast to keep up the enthralling experience. Additionally, you can surf along the waters in Leon and further south in San Juan del Sur. 

Extend the rack capacity using a gutter mount roof rack to carry your boards conveniently.


3. Livingstone, Zambia 

For most adventurers, Livingstone is a perfect playground to pump some adrenaline. Most of the activities here involve the mighty Victoria Falls and the alluring Zambezi river. You can easily reach the falls from the city via a safari. 

Are you looking for more death-defying activities? Take a stroll along the giant canyon bridge. This massive bridge connects the lands of  Zimbabwe and Zambia. Challenge yourself by hanging over the deadly edge of the Devil’s Pool to level up the adventure.

If you want to stay near the falls, you can hook yourself to a microlight plane. Or you can do river-rafting on the eddying streams of the Zambezi river.


4. Queenstown, New Zealand 

Queenstown is called the “Adventure capital of the world” and for all the perfect reasons. Every activity you experience here will give you a dose of thrill with a pump of adrenaline.  

This South Island city offers you an adventurous journey in all sorts of ways. Be it skydiving from 15,000 ft over Queenstown’s mountains or bungee jumping at Kawarau Bridge. 

The most-sought activity of explorers is Nevis Bungy. Take a swing or bungee on the gravity-defying Nevis high-wire platform (435ft). 

You can glide over the giant mountains surrounding Queenstown if you want to feel the rush of cold wind. To entertain your need for speed, You can try your hands on a 750hp jet boat ride.


5. Whistler, B.C., Canada 

Any adventure-seeking journey won’t complete without visiting Whistler. This place has more than enough action-packed events to attract every traveler. 

The region is famous for being Canada’s largest ski area. In summers, it converts to an enormous playground for biking and hiking fanciers. Hop on a mountain bike and test the fearless explorer while driving down the steep slopes.

The most promising catch here is the leftovers of the 2010 Olympic Winter games. Play some Olympian games here and challenge yourself with bobsledding. What’s more, you can arouse the daredevil in you with Sasquatch Zipline (longest line in Canada & USA).


6.  Cape Town, South Africa 

Cape Town packs both land and water adventure experience. Here, you will witness beautiful and magnificent landscapes. It also offers many wild options to explore, as well. These electrifying escapades are enough to shake even the bravest of enthusiasts.

The water region around Cape Town has the highest population of sharks in the world. If you are a fearless thrill-seeker, you can hop into the cage and spend some time with these deadly beasts. This experience will send a shiver down your spine.

If you’re not satisfied with sharks, you can go for crocodile cage diving. What’s more, you can enjoy ostrich rides and elephant safaris in Cape Town to quench your exalted thirst. 


We hope that now you have got your excitement levels high and your heart throbbing. So, what’re you waiting for? Gather up some courage, get into your fearless mode, and plan a trip to these locations with our Newverest Trek Scratcher


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