7 Helpful Tips For A Safe Social Distance Road Trip

As the world starts lessening restrictions and we’re all hungering to get more active and adventurous, you may feel the desire to hit the open road! Of course, since airlines and other lanes of transportation are still shut down, your travel options may feel limited — all the more reason to explore right from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe on your road trip. To help you map your locations, check out our Newverest Scratch-Off Maps to make it fun and organized.


1. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize! 

Specifically, always sanitize before you get back in your vehicle. You do not want to carry the virus back into your car, where you’ll be touching the steering wheel, gear shift, and the buttons on your dash. Keep hand sanitizer, keep back-up hand sanitizer, AND bring sanitizing wipes so you can wipe down the gas pump before you use it.

Bring disposable gloves with you so that you don’t touch anything in stores, restaurants, or gas stations. Then, dispose of them in an outside trash bin so that you don’t even bring the gloves back in the car with you.


2. Frequently clean and wipe down your car 

It’s very important to keep your car clean because it’s an enclosed space where you’ll be spending the most amount of time. If you carry the virus into your car, it has plenty of time to invade your space. Wipe down your steering wheel, gear shift, dashboard, and everything else in the car that you will touch.

Additionally, you might want to invest in an air purifier for the car to reduce the risk of contracting the virus through airborne contact. If that isn’t possible, keeping the windows down can help as well.


3. Choose locations that make social distancing easy 

Ideally, this is an opportune time to explore nature! Think about the natural landmarks that you’ve most wanted to see. Whether you want to visit hiking trails, the Grand Canyon, or less populated beaches, the list is pretty endless.

That being said, this is not the best time to choose packed urban locations like Las Vegas or New York. These places are much more likely to transmit the virus to you. The infection rate of outdoor environments, however, are very low. Do your best to get out into open air! And always honor the 6-foot rule between you and your fellow wayfarers.


4. Wear your mask! 

This should go without saying: wear your mask in public! If you’re in an area where other people are around, including gas stations and hotel lobbies, make sure you’re wearing something that covers your mouth and nose. Surgical masks are best, but there are plenty of artists that sell trendy masks so you can still feel good while you wear them. 

If all else fails, at least wear a scarf or a similar cloth covering. Wearing a mask not only helps prevent infection, but it prevents you from infecting other people if you’re an asymptomatic carrier. So, this protects yourself and others. Be a good citizen!


5. Look for deals! 

Because fewer people are out and about, many hotels are offering exclusive deals and discounts. Do some research while you’re planning your road trip to ensure that you score the best deal possible for your bucks. One of the biggest draws to road-tripping right now, is that you can stay in places for cheaper than you normally would. Use this to your advantage!

Gas and car rentals are cheaper as well. If you’re renting a car, just make sure that you give it a really good wipe down before you settle in. And make sure to check out our article on car rental tips.


6. Hotel safety 

You never know how well your hotel room is being cleaned and you cannot be too careful. Have your sanitizing wipes handy and wipe down everything that is commonly used. This includes the doorknob and lock on both sides, the bathroom door handles, the toilet handles, the shower handles, the sink handles, light switches, and don’t forget the remote control (we doubt they clean those!)


7. Be prepared for anything 

All city regulations are going to be slightly different. In some towns, things like car repair shops may be limited or closed entirely. Make sure your car is ready for the road with as many back-ups as necessary. Check your tires and make sure your spare is in good condition. Check your transmission, check your oil, windshield wiper fluid, and your brakes. Bring a tool kit with you in case there are any minor problems that you can fix yourself.

Have a cooler filled with water and bring as much food as you can. Thankfully, many food businesses are up and running with carry-out, limited capacity, and social distancing, so you don’t need to rely on your own food for every meal. However, the less you interact with populated areas, the safer you will be. So, perhaps finding a nice middle ground is advantageous.

Also, keep in mind that you are at risk of potentially contracting the virus while you’re vacationing. Make sure that you are very clear on your options with your insurance plan ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is be sick and stuck somewhere without medical coverage. You might also want to consider packing over-the-counter flu medication just in case.


The more you prepare, the more you can just relax and enjoy the open road! Being safe is important, but it’s also helpful to unwind, explore, and have fun. You can check out our summer road trip article for even more tips and tricks.

So, get out, stretch, and don’t forget to use the Neverest Scratch-Off Maps to help you plan your destinations!