7 Islands No One Wants Even For $1 Dollar

Own an island? Awesome! Talk about living the dream life, right? Except who can afford something like that? Movie stars, business tycoons, you know, the kind of billionaire most people wish upon a shooting star they might one day become. Guess what? We’ve got a secret. You don’t have to be rich to own an island. Anyone can get their hands on one, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

One warning though. Owning an island isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Sure, it sounds exciting and adventurous, but there are a lot of hassles and headaches that go along with it. Some islands come with more headaches than others. When it comes to those, watch it. They’re not worth it at any price, even a dollar.

Here’s our list of 7 islands no one wants even for $1.

1. Tillamook Island, USA

Okay, so technically this isn’t an island. It’s a rock off the coast of Oregon with a lighthouse sticking out of it. Does the lighthouse work? That’s a big no. Did it ever? You bet. One time, this rock island and its lighthouse commanded a whopping $500,000. But that was years ago. Now? The price is down to $50,000, and some people still think that’s too much. Huge waves crash over it daily, covering the entire piece of land and making it unsafe. And it doesn’t help that the island comes with a history of tragedies giving it a dark reputation. Stay away if you know what’s best.


2. Chandler Island, USA

Off the coast of Maine is a one-acre island that looks like something out of a painting. It’s beautiful in every sense of the word, from the blue ocean tides to the lush forests that cover it from end to end. Guess what else? There’s a little cabin already built on it, nestled in among the greenery. And it can all be yours for just under $40,000. So why aren’t buyers rushing over each other to sign the deed? Turns out high tide is this island’s enemy. When the waters come in, they cover half the island. That doesn’t leave much room for you to live.


3. Piaçabuçu Islands, Brazil

Hang on to your hats, because this is gonna blow your mind. In Brazil, there are not one but six tropical islands up for grabs. All for less than $80,000. That’s less than what most people pay for a house. Wondering what the catch is? Sure you are. And believe us, it’s a doozy. Read the fine print, and you’ll see you’re not actually buying the islands, you’re only renting them. For how long? 99 years. After that, you’ve got the option to renew. Oh, one more thing. You’re subject to “yearly taxes.” How much? You’ve got to buy the islands before they’ll tell you.


4. Sheep Lake Islands, Canada

This is a series of islands in the middle of a large lake. They’re covered in trees and the lake itself is serene, a deep blue that welcomes visitors and fishermen. Buy this land and you can build on any island you choose. For about $50,000 all this land can be yours. So why hasn’t anyone bought it up? Well, remember those welcoming waters? Yeah, they don’t allow for much privacy. Fishermen from a nearby village flock to this lake every day. One more thing—the islands really are tiny. Some of them are just big enough to hold a tent and not much else.


5. Little Rocky Island, Canada

Imagine beautiful sandy beaches that stretch on for miles surrounded by crystal-clear blue oceans. Covering the rocky shores are beautiful pine trees that turn the island a deep green almost year-round. And it’s only $75,000.Oh, there’s one more plus. Do you know all those hurricanes that like to pass through ocean waters causing massive amounts of destruction? Not gonna happen here. This island is sheltered by neighboring islands that block any storms. So why hasn’t someone scooped it up? Because it’s only an island during high tide. When the tides get low again, a strip of land connects it to the mainland and it’s not an island anymore.


6. Fort Carroll, USA

This is an artificial island built off the coast of Baltimore to protect the town from would-be assailants. It’s beautiful, quiet, and an actual part of history. All yours for just under $32,000. The city itself has tried to restore it several times, but each time they’ve failed. Why? Birds. Seagulls and herons have turned it into their nesting site. It’s so important to them that major construction is now forbidden on it. Oh, one other thing. If you do buy it, you have restored the fort still present there. Without major construction though, it’s kind of wonder how anyone’s supposed to do that. Good luck!


7. McGibbon Island, Canada

Who says all islands have to be in an ocean? This island’s in the middle of a river off the shores of New Brunswick. It’s green, lush, and the perfect place to escape if you’re looking for a weekend of adventure. Camp, kayak, and spend time outdoors with your friends and family. Sure, you can visit this island. You can even buy it. The cost? Less than $30,000. Sounds like a steal, right? So what’s the problem? Every spring, it floods. Water covers the island completely, and no one can step foot on it for months. Maybe not such a good deal after all.

So what do you think? Interested in adding any of these islands to your collection? It’s fun to think about owning an island, but after reading these descriptions it might be more fun just to visit. If you do visit any of these places, make sure and capture the memories so you can relive the adventure over and over again. Photo albums are a great way to save your pictures, but Newverest travel maps are an interactive way to keep those memories going strong and inspire you to future adventures.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, have fun with it. That’s what traveling is all about. New memories and good times.