Best Scratch Map: Find the Best Scratch Map for Any Traveler with

The best scratch map is one that inspires you to adventure. Track past travels, plan new ones and follow through with your travel goals. Learn more about scratch maps now and find the best scratch map for you.

Best Scratch Off Map: What is a Scratch Map?

So what exactly is a scratch map? Simply put, a scratch map is a way to track your travels and plan new ones. The best scratch map will motivate you to travel more and become a part of the world instead of just reading about it or watching it on television. So what makes up a scratch map?

  • Layers: The outer layer of a scratch map is usually a light foil that can easily be scratched away. Newverest scratch maps have an outer layer that is either gold or silver, but you can find scratch maps in other colors as well. Hidden beneath the outer layer is an array of colors waiting to be revealed. Use them to track your travels.
  • Details: State or country capitals should be listed in an easy-to-read font. You shouldn’t have to search for them, they should pop out at you. Major bodies of water such as oceans and seas should also be identified. When it comes to scratch maps, the more details the better.
  • Accessories: The best scratch off map will come with plenty of accessories to help you track your travels. It should include a scratch tool to help remove the outer layer, just make sure it won’t damage your map. You’ll also want something to wipe away any leftover residue, and a way to hang your map where it can easily be seen without having to get it framed.
  • Shipping: It’s easy to forget about shipping, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. How your map ships are almost as important as the map itself. After all, what good is your map if it arrives torn or creased? The best scratch map will ship in a sturdy container that protects it from any kind of damage, that way it arrives at your doorstep in pristine condition.

Finding the Right Type of Map: The Best Scratch Off Map for You

Let’s talk about the different types out there so you’ll know what you’re looking for and have an easier time making your selection.

  • World Map: World scratch maps show every country on every continent, making it easy to track your adventures. Want the best scratch off world map? Look for one that keeps the countries in proportion. You don’t want everything looking small just so they could fit it on one poster. 
  • USA Map: These maps focus only on the USA. Some maps might include parts of Canada or Mexico, but expect those portions to be limited. You’ll find the best scratch off map of the USA has every state clearly outlined along with their capitals, including oceans, lakes, and rivers.
  • Scratch Off Globe: This is a little harder to find, and the ones we’ve come across didn’t make top marks. Basically, it’s in an inflatable ball with an outer scratch layer. They’re not the best scratch off world map. The outer layers don’t scratch away easily, and they come across looking cheap.
  • Novelty Maps: A lot of scratch maps fall into this category. You’ll find maps that glow in the dark, feature foods from around the world or have cute pictures in place of state capitals. Novelty scratch maps can be fun, but their lifespan tends to be shorter and they don’t make tracking or planning your travels any easier. This kind of map is best for small children.

Newverest Maps: The Best Scratch Off World Map and More

So we’ve gone over the different types of scratch maps, now let’s take a closer look at the ones Newverest sells online. There are several editions to cover, and we’ll clarify the differences for you. The best scratch map for you could be among them.


  • Original World Map: The original world map shows over 200 countries in beautiful colors and details. You’ll find a bucket list of worldwide adventures. It’s  great for high school, college, and grad students, as well as adults, parents, and seniors. 
  • Kid’s Edition: The kid’s edition world map is not small just because it’s geared towards children. It’s the same size as the original, only it comes with a few fun additions. You get 50 adorable animal cards that show the types of animals living in different countries around the world. Your kids will learn fun facts that spark their imagination as well as their interest in travel.

    • Original USA Map: Is the original USA map the best scratch off map for you? Take a closer look. The original map clearly outlines all 50 states and their capitals, covering them with high quality gold foil that easily scratches away. Keep track of every state you visit.
    • Kid’s Edition: Like our kid’s world map, the USA kid’s edition features 50 super cute animal cards, one for each state. There is also a kid-friendly bucket list that will catch their interest. Use it for fun things like visiting your kid’s favorite baseball stadium.
    • Traveler’s Edition: You get the same beauty as the original map, only the outer layer of scratch foil is silver instead of gold. The area around the USA is a rich black that really makes the colors pop. Also included is a list of state flags in full detail and color. 
    • Voyage Edition: Just like the Traveler’s edition, the Voyage edition is covered in silver. Only in this edition, the area around the USA is a beautiful ocean blue. At the bottom is the same list of state flags. Scratch them off just like you do the states every time you visit a new place.

    So what is the best scratch off map? Well, that depends on you. Scratch maps are personalised ways to track your travels, so the right map for you depends on what kinds of trips you like to take. 

    Are you a globetrotter? Do you like trips that are fast-paced, or would prefer to stop and smell a rose once in a while? The best scratch map for you is out there somewhere. Keep looking and you’ll find it, and when you do, the traveler inside you will rejoice.