Best Way To Scratch A Scratch Map: How to Use Your Scratch Map at

Scratch maps are an interactive way to keep track of the places you’ve visited, plan vacations, and motivate yourself, friends, and family to travel more. Check out our inside tips on the best way to scratch a scratch map.

Best Way To Scratch A Scratch Map: So What’s a Scratch Map, Anyway?

Scratch maps are a fun, hands-on way to keep track of your travels and plan new adventures. If you’re looking for inspiration on where to go for your next vacation, scratch maps are it. Let’s talk about what a scratch map is and what it can do for you before we get into how to use it.

  • What’s a Scratch Map: Every time you visit a new place, scratch off the outer layer of foil to reveal the color hidden beneath. The best way to scratch a scratch map? Not with your fingernail, but with a scratch tool made specifically for scratch maps that won’t damage it. You can also use push pins to mark places you want to visit. Does a rose in Europe smell the same as one in the USA? Travel there and find out. The map will motivate you to seek out new places, new adventures, and new cultures.
  • Types of Scratch Map: Most scratch off maps online are made up of an outer layer of foil and the layer hidden beneath it. Get one with vivid colors and printed on premium poster paper, and they’ll look beautiful and last forever. Novelty scratch maps, such as scratch globes or posters that glow in the dark, seem like fun but are easily damaged, and their colors fade. Kid-specific maps include bright colors and fun extras, like games or animal cards to educate and entertain. 
  • Newverest Scratch Maps: Newverest makes World and USA scratch maps. Both are offered in a kid’s edition as well as the original. The USA map also comes in a Traveler’s edition and Voyage edition, both of which are geared towards travelers who enjoy seeing the beautiful USA from one coast to the other. Keep track of each and every state you pass through. The maps are hand drawn by local artisans before getting printed on high-quality paper.
  • The Best Way To Scratch Off Map: How to Use Your Scratch Map

    Using your scratch map is easy. The best way to scratch map is the one that keeps your map in pristine condition and motivates you to travel more. You’ll want to keep your scratch tools in one place and ready to go for whenever inspiration strikes. Mark off the places you’ve been and the places you’d like to go next, and you’ll have your own personalised travel map.

    • Start Scratching. Every trip you take is a new adventure. Whenever you visit a new place, scratch off the outer gold layer of foil to reveal the new color hidden beneath. Gently wipe away any residue left behind with a soft cleaning cloth, and use push pins to mark out future trips.
    • Bucket List: Many scratch maps include a bucket list. Want the best way to scratch off map? Take advantage of that bucket list. They’ll highlight places you don’t want to miss and tell you exactly where to find them. Of course, you can always make a bucket list of your own. 
    • Everything Included: So just what should be included with your scratch off map? If you want the best way to scratch a scratch map a scratch tool, carry bag, push pins, cleaning cloth, and self-adhesive stickers for hanging. You’ll also want them to ship in a sturdy tube that can double as a gift tube.

    The Best Way To Scratch Map: What to do With Your Scratch Map

    Don’t just roll your map up and put it away in your closet. The best way to scratch off map is the one that inspires you to travel more. So keep it where you’ll see it and use it. Get it framed or just hang it up using self-adhesive tape. There are so many things to do with your scratch map.

    • Frame It and Hang It:  The best scratch map will come ready to hang. You can either use self-adhesive stickers, tape or get it framed. Once framed, it can hang on your wall and looks like a piece of personalized travel art instead of just a scratch map poster. The world may look small from a distance, but up close you’ll see just how much there is to explore. Whether you visit the wonders of the world or your kid’s favorite baseball stadium, adventure is there.
    • Amazing Gifts: Once you know the best way to scratch a scratch map, pass it on to your friends and family. Give them the gift of a travel map and teach them the best way to scratch off map. Remember, no fingernails. Use your scratch tool. It’s not hard to do, and kids, students, adults, and seniors will all love it. 
  • Inspire Friends and Family: Adventure is yours, but it’s so much more fun if you share it. Pick any edition of a scratch map and use it to inspire your friends and family. Tell them the best way to scratch map is with the included scratch tool, but they’ll never get to use it if they don’t step away from the television once in a while and see the world. It’s just outside their doors, waiting for them to seek out adventure. 
  • As you can see, the best way to scratch a scratch map is with specific tools. Look for an easy-to-use scratch tool and cleaning cloth that gets the job done fast without damaging your poster. When you’re inspired enough to actually use your map and excited to scratch off the places you’ve gone, as well as plan new places to visit, then you’ll have released your inner traveler and your scratch map will forever be a part of your life.