Decorate Your Home with Travel-Inspired Designs

Travel-enthusiast just isn’t a big enough term for some people. If you breathe, sleep, and dream of traveling, then chances are pretty good you want your love of travel to show through in your home decorations. And why not? Travel is a big part of who you are, of course, you want to put it on display.

Newverest Trek Scratchers are an easy way to track the places you go, plan new trips, and make beautiful decorations that fit your travel lifestyle. Hang them on your wall with a Newverest frame, and you can really put your past, present, and future travel destinations on display. But sometimes hanging stuff on your wall just isn’t enough. You want a little more pizazz.

Here are our top tips to decorate your home with travel-inspired designs.

Frame It and Hang It

Want to show your travel map off? Hang it on your wall where everyone can see it. Newverest sells two frames—natural oak and rich black. They’re both high-quality wood and look amazing in any room in your home. And everything’s included. You get the wooden bars, 1 hanging strap, 4 screws, and 4 anchors, so there’s nothing else for you to buy.

And Newverest frames work with any kind of poster too, as long as it’s 24 inches wide. Use them for your travel maps as well as other posters that put your personality on display. By using the same frames for all your posters, you’ll tie them together and create a unifying theme throughout your home.

Map and Picture Web

We LOVE what these guys did with their pictures and map. They’ve got their map upfront and center, with vacation hotspots clearly marked with red lines. The red lines extend out from map to pictures that were taken there, creating a sort of web. How fun is that?

Of course, we’d change one little thing. We’d switch out the all-black map for a Newverest Trek Scratcher. It’ll look nicer in your home and give a clearer indication of where the pictures were actually taken. Show off the countries, states, and towns you’ve visited and get inspired to visit some more.

Inspire Your Kids

One of the best ways we can think of to use your travel-themed decorations is to inspire your kids. When did you first start dreaming of far-off adventures? Chances are you were still a kid when the idea of travel and adventure first gripped you. With that in mind, Newverest has two maps specifically for kids—their USA and World travel maps.

Hang the map in your kid’s bedroom or playroom, and surround them with other travel-inspired decorations. Things like binoculars, globes, and telescopes can go a long way in aiding your child’s imagination and setting them up for a lifetime of adventure.

Create a Postcard Tree

Postcards make for an amazing souvenir. Think about it. They’re inexpensive, clearly show where you’ve been, and won’t weigh down your suitcase. Also, you can find them everywhere. Whether you’re in a foreign country, small town, or big city, you can get your hands on a postcard or two.

Buy them and take them home, or mail them to yourself. If you mail them, you’ll get the added benefit of a postal stamp and date. You’ll just have to look at them to remember when you were there. Get one of those funky photo frame trees and attach your postcards to them, then set it on a table right below your Newverest scratch map. When you want to recall the places you’ve been, your map will be right there to help you out.

Start Your Day Out Right

Hang your Newverest map in your kitchen or wherever you take your morning coffee, and start your day outright. As you sit back and take your first sips, you can look at your travel map and think about where the future might take you instead of worrying about the workday ahead of you.

And at the end of your day, you can come home, sit down, and relax with your travel map in sight, a steady reminder of all the places you have yet to visit. Let your map inspire you to adventure. When people come to visit, maybe they’ll see your map and be inspired too.

Make a Travel Wall

Your Newverest travel map is an awesome way to track your travels, but it’s not the only way. Use your Newverest map as the focal point for an entire travel wall dedicated to your travel experiences. On this wall, you can hang anything that inspires you. Next to your Newverest map, hang a map of the country you most recently visited. Your Newverest frames will probably fit it just fine.

You can add postcards, pictures, and anything else that you’ve collected on your travels. Set a table against the wall and you can add even more fun travel items. Things like globes, books, and trinkets you picked up on your trips can say a lot about a place. Put them all on display.

There are a ton of travel-inspired décor ideas out there, these are just a few to get you started. We like them because they’re fun, easy to create, and even easier to personalize. Hang your Newverest Trek Scratcher in any room in your home and show off your love of travel. Add other fun items to your travel map and carry the theme throughout your house, inspiring your partner, kids, friends, and family.

Let us know how you decorate your home with travel-inspired ideas. We’d love to see a few pictures once you’ve got things set up. Happy decorating!