Dream Jobs That Actually Pay You To Have Fun!

Tell someone you get paid to spend all day at the mall or drive expensive supercars, and you might get some strange looks. And why not? When most people are stuck in a nine to five job and spend their days sitting at a windowless desk, it’s hard to imagine anything else. But these dream jobs actually exist. And anyone can do them. Well, mostly.

You’re gonna need a sense of adventure and a willingness to try anything once. And we’re not just talking about food. If you’re ready to try your hand at some of the more unusual jobs available around the world, you’re in luck, because we’ve got them. Pack your bags and get ready for some adventure!

Here’s our list of Dream Jobs That Actually Pay You To Have Fun.

Watch the Birds at Lihou Island

Ever heard of Lihou Island? It’s a protected island off the coast of Normandy, and it’s hiring. You’ll have a working farmhouse and 36 acres of the scraggly landscape all to yourself… well, almost. It seems that Lihou is home to several species of an endangered bird. You’ll be in charge of watching over them, as well as the flora and fauna. When school children come for visits, you get to show them around. The rest of the time, it’s just you and the birds.

Fortune Cookie Writer

We’ve all eaten them, but have you ever really stopped to wonder where all those fortunes in fortune cookies come from? Well, we did, so we looked into it for you. Turns out someone actually gets paid to write those! The best part? You can work from anywhere. Stay in bed, sit on your balcony, or head to the beach. Your work travels with you. And did we mention that you can usually get all your fortunes written in a couple of hours a day? Easiest job ever.

Get Paid To Shop

Do you love going to the mall? Then this is the job for you. We’re guessing you’ve heard of RetailMeNot, one of the biggest online coupon code sites ever. Well, they’re looking for people they can pay to shop. You get $5,000 to spend on anything you want while testing out RetailMeNot coupon codes and cashback offers. And you get to keep everything you buy. The first round of applications ended, but a new round is kicking up soon, so keep a lookout.

Make Money Living In Luxury

Ready for this? Hush-hush, an online marketplace for people looking to buy luxury items, needs someone to test out those luxury items before they go up for sale. You can make $100,000 per year testing out expensive cars, yachts, and even private islands! Their main requirements? A passion for adventure and travel, and a taste for expensive things. Oh yeah, you also need to have a discerning eye. They want someone that can tell real luxury items from cheap knockoffs.

Stay In A Lighthouse

East Brother Light Station, a historic lighthouse in San Pablo Bay near San Francisco, needs new caretakers. It’s part of the National Register of Historic Places and comes with a salary of $130, 000. Did we mention it’s also a working bed and breakfast? Your main duties will be to greet guests, cook a few meals, and ferry guests back and forth from the lighthouse to the main island. If you’ve ever dreamed of the living seaside, this is your chance.

House Sitter For The Rich

Get this. A lot of millionaires have more than one house in more than one location. House 1 could be a New York penthouse while house 2 is their vacation home in Barbados; house 3 might be a ritzy Paris apartment. But what do they do with all those homes when they’re not there? They pay people to stay there for them! Your job is to keep an eye on things, open some windows, and maybe watch their pets. No, it’s not permanent, but it could stretch on for months. And if you do good, they’ll use you next time they’re out of town.

Ice Cream Taste Tester

This is like a kid’s dream come true. Do you know all those ice cream flavors in your supermarket or big chain ice cream shop? Turns out someone’s actually tasting testing those before they go to the market and that someone could be you! You can actually make up to $60,000 per year just from testing ice cream. Sure, not all the flavors might turn out to be winners, but who cares? You’re getting paid to eat ice cream! And every ice cream company out there does this. Finagle your way in, and you’re set for life.

All right, now that you know these jobs exist, it’s time to start applying. Spruce up your resumes and get your references together, because someone’s got to do these amazing jobs. It might as well be you. Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you tell them you’re going to be getting paid for living on an island or writing fortune cookies! And don’t let this list be the last word on the subject. There are plenty enough dream jobs out there for everyone, so keep looking until you find yours.

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