FREE Christmas Greeting eCards!

The Holiday season is an indulgent time. People dress colorfully, and the food, laughter, and gifts flow freely.

As is custom, the holiday season is a time to reconnect with people you have not seen throughout the year or even longer.

However, due to the COVID, physical meetings and greetings are not advisable, but that doesn’t mean you cannot connect with your family and friends in a meaningful way.

Video conferencing with family and friends is the new cool hangout. Also, sharing a thoughtful holiday card will spread cheer and love to your loved ones.

Because we love everything about the holiday spirit, we created Holiday eGift cards that you can share with your loved ones this season. Browse our list and select the best for your loved ones.


1. Merry Christmas! 


6. We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas!


Don’t let the COVID restrictions ruin your gift-giving spirit. You can spread cheer and strengthen your relationships from your home.  In these harsh times, the small things count. Like sending an eGift card to your loved one and friends.

If you want to make a statement about the New Year, give your friends or family members a Newverest Scratch-Off Map with a marked location for the next family trip.