FREE Travel-Inspired Coloring Pages, Part II

You may be bored at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your imagination run wild! Now, you and your family can freely roam right from the comfort of your home with Newverest’s free travel-inspired coloring pages. 

Loved our first set of free illustrations? We’ve pulled together another lovely collection of coloring pages so that adults and kids of all ages can relax and get creative. 

Coloring can help regulate the mind which is beneficial at a time when you have fewer activities and structures in place! Calm your nerves, ease tension in your body, and escape to the land of your choice with mindful coloring. Simply print them out, get your coloring utensils ready, and enrapture yourself in the perfect staycation.

1. Newverest Coloring Pages — USA


2. Newverest Coloring Pages — Big Cities


3. Newverest Coloring Pages — Kangoroo


4. Newverest Coloring Pages — Climbing


5. Newverest Coloring Pages — Egyptian Pyramids


6. Newverest Coloring Pages — Golden Gate Bridge

We hope these beautiful coloring pages filled you with inspiration, wonder, and awe! Since we know you love planning ahead, don’t forget to check out our Newverest Scratch-Off Maps. We feature a variety of designs, including maps just for kids! Prepare to travel the world with these gorgeous scratch-off maps as your friend and guide.

Find our first set of travel-inspired coloring pages here.