How Travel And Receive Rewards

Let’s face it. We all love to travel, but exploring new countries and cultures can get expensive. The good news is that in today’s world there are endless ways to earn travel rewards to help save you money on your next vacation. Some of these ways might be obvious, and some might be new to you. Here are the best ways we know to earn rewards points.

Credit cards points

Credit cards are probably the idea most people are most familiar with, and for good reason. Choosing the right credit card can save you a lot of money. Choosing the wrong one can help you lose it. Make sure that whatever cards you choose come with a sign-up bonus that can be applied towards any trip, whether it’s to the United States, Europe, or Asia.

Most credit cards will also come with great ways to earn points on everyday items. Things like gas and groceries can be a great way to bring in points fast, because chances are you’re already buying those things on a weekly if not daily basis. So why not earn travel points while doing it?

Dining networks rewards

Dining rewards networks are an entirely separate thing from credit cards and worth looking into, especially if you eat out a lot. Some airlines, like US Airways and United, offer customers the chance to link an already existing credit card to their diners rewards programs. Every time you eat at an affiliated restaurant, you get points for every dollar you spend. Easy peasy.

Social media activities

Social media is the newest way to earn rewards points, and it’s one of the best. Anything and everything from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter can get you points for your next trip. Sometimes it’s as simple as clicking “Like” on a post. Other times your participation is required. But requiring you to do something doesn’t mean it’s hard work, it’s almost always fun and easy.

Like to take pictures? Great. Maybe a hotel is asking for your favorite picture of their lobby. Post it to Instagram and earn five points. Maybe retweeting an airline’s post will earn you two points. And the list goes on and on.

Keep an eye out for social media contests as well. Maybe posting that picture on Facebook enters you in a chance to win fifty thousand bonus rewards points. Sometimes all you need to do is sign up to their email list, and you’re automatically entered. Following your favorite airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies on social media can pay off big.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are another easy way to save. Every hotel, airline, and rental agency offers them. Sign up for your favorites and earn rewards for every night you stay at your favorite hotel, or every day you’re renting a car. Airlines might offer free upgrades as well as tickets once you’ve earned enough points. Instead of flying to France in economy, go first-class and really live it up. Or cash in those points and get yourself a free roundtrip ticket to Australia and back.

Even if you don’t have enough points saved for a free ticket or full upgrade, chances are you’ll still be able to trade them in for a discount. Who wouldn’t want to knock a hundred dollars off a flight to Mexico, or save three hundred dollars going to India?

Manage all your rewards

Once you’ve got all your rewards programs in place and are starting to rack up the points, you need an easy way to manage them. All those points can add up quick and if you’re not keeping track, you might miss out. Instead of cashing in your credit card points for that fully paid airline ticket, you might make a mistake and cash in your dining rewards points and only get fifty dollars off.

There are many online programs available specifically to help you manage rewards points, that way you’ll never make a mistake. Do an internet search and find the one that’s right for you.

In sum

No matter where or how you plan to use your rewards points, make sure you’ve got a way to keep those memories alive after your trip is over. A picture’s worth a thousand words, but it’s not the only way to go home smiling. A travel map like Newverest’s scratch-off may is a great way to keep track of all the places you’ve been and decide where you’d like to go next.

Wherever your travel rewards take you, just remember to have fun and keep adventuring. Your next journey might be just around the corner.