Important Message From The CEO Of Newverest To Our Community

Dear Travelers,

Newverest believes that the world is meant to be explored. Although it breaks our hearts to see planes grounded, airports empty, and people sheltering indoors, myself and the entire Newverest team recognize that all of these measures play an important role in creating a better, safer, and healthier global community. 

Although our website and online store remain fully operational, our entire team is currently working from home to ensure their safety as well as the safety of their neighbors, friends, and family members. To further minimize our impact, we also are encouraging everyone to remain indoors as much as possible and if an outing is necessary or vitally important remain at least 6-feet away from anyone you may encounter.

I sincerely believe that when this is over, we’ll be even more grateful to gather with loved ones and take off on incredible adventures. Until then, our Newverest Maps are a great way to plan your next journey and dream about far-off places from the safety of your home.


Be safe and stay in touch,
Andrew Griu
CEO, Newverest