Safest Countries in the World To Visit in 2020

Traveling to another country should be fun, but sometimes both clear and hidden dangers can make that difficult. When you’re traveling to a foreign land, expect everything from pickpockets to natural disasters to infectious diseases and political unrest. If you know what to expect ahead of time, you’ll know which countries to avoid and which to book that month-long dream vacation in.

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Here’s our list of the Safest Countries in the World To Visit in 2020. See which ones spark the travel lover in you.


With sandy beaches and a temperate climate, Denmark makes an ideal travel location for most travelers at any time of year. The crime rates here are low to average, unlike many other European countries, and the risk of being hit by a natural disaster while you’re here is next to nothing. This is one place you can truly relax and enjoy yourself without looking over your shoulder.


The Baltic seashore, stunning islands, and Northern Lights make this an appealing travel destination for anyone with an eye for natural beauty. Combine that with Finland’s quaint towns and charming cities, and you’ve got a travel hotspot. Even better? Your risk of running into a pickpocket here is extremely low. Terrorism, muggings, and other violent crimes also extremely low risk. So feel safe and have fun!


If you want a mix of rugged wilderness and hipster nightlife, Sweden is right up your alley. Spend your days hiking and your evenings clubbing. Sweden is considered one of the world’s safest travel destinations. It’s biggest problem is alcohol-fueled violence, but even that is minor compared to other countries. If you do hit those clubs, just use a little common sense and you’ll be fine.


Want to visit the world’s largest island? Then you’ve got to go to Greenland. But don’t let the name fool you, over half the island is shrouded in ice. It’s rocky, tough, and a whole lot of fun to travel for those who like a challenge. Hike around the island without any risk of petty or violent crimes. The biggest threat you’ll find here are arctic mosquitoes. Take a few precautions, and even they can’t hurt you.


Here’s another country that tries to fool you with their name. Iceland is one of the greenest places you’ll find. Hike around this Nordic island and enjoy its rich history and geological beauty. There is almost no crime to speak of here, and infectious diseases are well under control. The biggest problem you’ll encounter is the weather. It changes quickly and can be severe. Plan ahead and you’ll avoid trouble.


Known for its long stretches of fjords from the Northern Sea to the Arctic Ocean, Norway is filled with breathtaking coastlines, waterfalls, and mountains. A visit here leaves you refreshed. The best part? You can enjoy it all without worry. Norway is incredibly safe for travelers. The biggest problems are purse-snatchers and car break-ins. So leave your purse at home and walk everywhere, and you’ll be fine.


Located in the Alps mountain range, Slovenia is as gorgeous as it is safe. Experience mountain life just off the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea, and breathe air fresher than anything you’ve found before. Want more good news? Slovenia is safe for travelers. Petty crime might show itself, but natural disasters, terrorism, and violent crimes are all low. If you’re a woman, you can feel safe walking the streets here.


This tiny but beautiful country is one of the safest places you can travel. Luxembourg is landlocked, so don’t expect to find ocean beaches. Instead, you’ll find old-world charm, picturesque landscapes, and a ton of history. Violent crime rates are low, though petty crimes do occur. Keep an eye on your wallet and purse, and you shouldn’t have a problem. This place is a history buff’s dream!


Looking for lush landscapes, ancient ruins, and high mountains? Then you need to see Switzerland firsthand. This country satisfies both history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts. Violent crime rates here are low, as are natural disasters, scammers, and pickpockets. No matter where you go or what you do, you’ll be safe walking around. Your time here is time well spent.


Australia has it all — amazing wildlife, beautiful beaches, and big cities where you can find history, charm, and a great place to eat. Crime rates are surprisingly low. Your main worry here is the wildlife and natural disasters. Wander off the beaten path and you might encounter an animal you wish you hadn’t. Don’t venture off-trail without a guide, and you’ll make it back in one piece.

All right, now that you know which countries you can travel to safely, where do you want to go? The entire world is at your fingertips, choose wisely and you’ll bring back cherished memories that will never fade away. Mark the places you visit on your Newverest scratch map, and you’ll have a personalized souvenir that will last you forever.

So are you ready to start planning that dream vacation? Drop us a line when you get back and let us know how it went. We love hearing new adventure stories!