The Ultimate Cruise Checklist for Travel

Wondering what to take with you on your cruise? Good thinking. It’s best to plan a little early when it comes to taking a cruise. Packing for an adventure at sea isn’t like packing for a regular vacation. You’re on the water for days or weeks at a time. Which means you need to make sure you’ve got everything you need for at least a week.

So stop guessing and read through this super easy checklist of items you won’t want to be without.

1. Flip Flops. Effortlessly transition from poolside to deckside by slipping into your flip flops. Your feet will thank you for keeping them safe and comfortable.

2. Newverest’s Microfiber Towels. Enjoy the onboard swimming pool, yoga classes, and sea mist by staying dry. This microfiber towel comes in 3 sizes and is perfect for your cruising adventure.

3. Wine. Most cruise ships allow you to bring at least one bottle of wine or champagne on board the ship. Save money by taking advantage of this. 

4. Corkscrew. If you do bring wine or champagne, don’t forget to bring a way to open it.

5. Wide-Brimmed Hat. There’s no better way to keep the sun off your face and stop yourself from getting burned. A hat can also keep rain and sea mist out of your eyes.

6. Lip Balm. The sea air can make your lips dry, and the sun can burn them just like your skin. Be safe and wear lip balm to protect them.

7. Sunscreen. Just like lip balm, sunscreen will protect your skin from burning. Wear it any time you swim or are on deck.

8. Sticky Notes. It might sound like a joke, but these sticky little pieces of paper will help you keep track of your family. Leave notes around the cabin when you leave so everyone knows where you are.

9. Cash. Not every place you go to will take credit or debit cards, especially not if you stop at a small island for a brief excursion. Make sure you bring some cash, just make sure to keep it locked up.

10. Medications. Getting medication at sea or in foreign lands may be tricky. Remember to pack them so you will have a hassle-free vacation.

11. Books or Ebooks. Have you been dying to read the latest bestseller while stretched out next to the pool? Pack your favorite book and enjoy the relaxation reading brings.

12. Umbrella. Sometimes it rains, even on a cruise. Remember to pack your umbrella so that you can enjoy your vacation no matter what the weather’s like.

13. Camera. Record the best times of your life with pictures. You’ll be happy to reflect back on them once the trip is over.

14. Memory Card. You don’t want to run out of room for your vacation pictures. Make sure that you’ve got a memory card so that you can keep the pictures flashing.

15. Insect Repellant. Bugs live everywhere, especially near the water. You don’t want to spend your vacation itching when you could be swimming, eating, and dancing it up.

16. Shorts. Get ready for some sun. You don’t want to overheat while walking the cruise ship or enjoying your time on shore, so make sure to pack some shorts to keep your body cool.

17. Cell Phone. You probably won’t be able to make calls at sea, but you can check in with your friends and family while in port, and you can use your phone’s camera any time.

18. Phone Charger. Don’t get out to sea then realize you’ve got no way to take pictures, make calls, or send texts. You’ll want your phone, especially for the times you land on shore.

19. Passport. If you’re traveling to other countries, make sure to bring your passport so you can get in and out without any problems.

20. Dry Pouch. This one’s for your phone and passport. Keep them protected by enclosing them in a dry pouch that keeps out water and moisture.

21. Underwear. You’d be surprised how many people forget to pack or under pack this basic essential. Making sure you have enough clean underwear will keep you comfortable on your voyage.

22. Jacket. Sometimes it gets chilly, even on vacation. Since most cruises take you through the tropics, make sure to pack a light weight jacket. If you’re cruising a colder climate, bring something heavier.

23. Sneakers. Not all shore excursions allow for sandals. Bring some sneakers with you for those unplanned hikes and lots of walking when your ship comes into port.

24. Socks. It’s easy to overlook socks when you’re wearing open-toed shoes, but if you’re bringing sneakers, you’ll need socks to make sure your feet stay dry and comfortable.

Have fun on your cruise! Just remember that a little planning can make your vacation that much more enjoyable. Be prepared for any eventuality, and nothing will hold you back from having fun on your trip. Start your planning and packing a few days early, and you won’t be rushed at the last minute. Happy adventuring!