Top 10 Cute Animals That Can Actually Kill You

Awww. We love, love, love animals! Especially the cute ones, and there are some super adorable ones out there that are hard to resist. But sometimes resistance is a must. Just because an animal looks at you with big, sweet eyes and fur that looks soft as new-fallen snow doesn’t mean it’s safe to touch. Sometimes cute is deadly.

So be warned, beware, and know what you’re getting into before you do anything foolish, like try and pet an animal that can take your hand off with one swift bite. Here is our list of the Top 10 Cutest Animals That Can Kill You. Let’s not give them the chance.


These little guys are about the size of a teddy bear and look like a miniature Ewok. you can’t get much cuter than that. But if you see one, stay far, far away. Even though they look like they’d love to be picked up and held, chances are good it’s the exact opposite. They’ll bite if they feel threatened, and their bites are laced with a deadly, fast-acting poison.


White, fluffy, and totally deadly. Most bears are predators, and the polar bear is no exception. They’re not often found living close to humans, and it’s a good thing. These critters will actually stalk you for miles before finally attacking and eating you. Even worse? You might not be dead yet when they start to devour you. Keep your distance.


Leopard seals are almost too cute. Something about their slick skin just makes you want to reach out and touch them. Especially if you catch them splashing around in the water. But don’t be fooled. These guys are aggressive. They’ve been known to attack researchers that get a little too close, and though one bite might not kill you, it can leave permanent damage.


Okay, so not everyone thinks Komodo dragons are cute, but those of you who do better watch out. These reptiles have one deadly bite. Their saliva is among the most deadly known to man. It’s not just poison, it’s bacteria. It lives in the dragon’s mouth and transfers to your blood with one bite. Anything bit usually does within 24 hours. No thanks.


They’re beautiful, elegant, and romantic. If you spot one swimming in a lake, chances are good you’re gonna want to feed it, maybe even touch it. Don’t. Like most wild animals, they perceive humans as a threat. If you feed them, they’ll come closer, and when they get closer, they tend to bite. Especially if you’re holding food they think should be theirs. Just stay back.


These guys are so cute it’s easy to forget they’re bears. It’s true they stick mostly to bamboo, but that’s just their diet. When threatened, they attack just like any other bear. If they see you as a danger, they’ll bite you. And they’ll keep biting you until you’re not a danger anymore. Even if that means you lose your life in the process.


We all picture swimming with the dolphins as this sort of magical experience that everyone should do at least once in their life. But keep to dolphins that have been trained by professionals. Wild dolphins sometimes kill without a clear and direct cause. You could be playing with them one minute, their supper the next. Best to watch these sea critters from a distance.



They look a little goofy, lovable, and a whole lot of cuddly. But if you see one, don’t give them a reason to charge you. These animals are massive, and if they think you’re coming after them, they’ll bring their full weight down on you. They don’t even need to bite you, they can just trample you to death. Nice thought, huh?


What can be so scary about a jumping, furry creature that carries its baby in a pouch? Certainly these animals can be tamed. Not so fast. Though kangaroos don’t have a direct problem with humans, they do have a problem with our dogs. If you take your dog for a walk and spot one of these animals, don’t let your puppy get too close. The kangaroo will attack, and often people get caught in the middle.

10. LION

Do we really need to say it? Lions are adorable, but they’re also super deadly. There’s a reason they’re known as the King of the Jungle. Once they decide they want you for dinner, there’s little escape. So keep your distance, and if you see one before it sees you, get out of there fast. This isn’t like your kitty cat at home, this big cat will kill you.

So did you learn something? Like cute and approachable do not always go together. Think twice before you touch that fur baby. And remember that not all deadly animals even have fur. Whether it’s scales, feathers, or sleek skin, not all animals want to be our friends. And even those that do can’t be trusted. Some animals carry diseases no human wants to go anywhere near.

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