TOP-10 Destination Impacted By Climate Change

You may be wondering what this subject has to do with you. After all, visiting destinations is about living in a nature paradise and shutting the worries of life for as long as possible.

Well, as it turns out, you can enjoy nature and help it at the same time. You can support destinations impacted by global warming via tourism or donations to organizations that help preserve them. Coalition for Rainforest Nations and Clean Air Task Force are excellent examples of organizations that support places affected by global warming.

With that in mind, this article reviews the top 10 destinations impacted by global warming. Every destination on our list has been vetted to be fun places to visit for food, weather, and people.

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Venice, Italy

Italy is a place you can’t walk through without appreciating and getting seduced by the charm that comes off from the Adriatic Sea. Venice is aptly named Italy’s most beautiful city. The city was built on over 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic sea, making it a city on water (a floating city). There are no roads, just canals.

However, with its beauty, charm, and lots of water come the flood experienced by most of the city. Due to poor environmental sustainability, the ocean level keeps rising and the flooding keeps worsening in Venice.

To prevent this, activists started investing in getting advanced flood gates and other technologies that can help reduce the increasing ocean level.

Venice remains the city of love and attracts millions of tourists every year. However, you can visit the city to contribute to the economy and sponsor local environmental preservation efforts.


The Amazon, South America

The Amazon is the largest rainforest on earth, and it covers about 40% of South America. It is one of the great tourism centers where tourists get to see scarlet macaws and blue poison dart frogs, jaguars, and brown-throated sloths.

This great rainforest has now become a shadow of itself and too fragile due to climate change. The trees are parched due to severe drought which also increases their susceptibility to forest fires.


Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge draws more than a million visitors to its giant stone circles, the giant stone circles are well known. In 2016, UNESCO warned that rising sea levels, declining coastline, and heavier storms pose threats to the Stonehenge monument, which is already happening.

Only sustained climate preservation efforts can slow down global warming, which causes sea levels to rise. If you haven’t visited Stonehenge, make plans to see this wonder of nature and support it with your tourism dollars.


The Alps, Europe

The Alps is a mountain range that has really served skiers as it provides some of the best and most sought after slopes in the world. Due to increased temperatures, the season for winter sports keeps getting shortened as snowmelt occurs at an alarming rate, and if this continues to happen, seeing snow might become a once in a blue moon occurrence.

The world has to go green to slow down or stop the melting of snow in the Alps and other severe climate change. To support green initiatives, buy green products, donate to green initiatives and visit the location.


The Maldives, India

The Maldives is known for its natural environment, which includes a blue ocean, white beaches, and clean air. It is very popular for tourism and ranked as one of the best recreational diving destinations in the world due to its very beautiful underwater scenery, clean water, and numerous dive sites.

However, the Maldives is one of the lowest-lying countries and it is at a huge risk of vanishing due to climbing tides. The nation has been pleading for infrastructural funding as the whole island could get swallowed completely by the rising waters.

Support the Maldives with your tourism funds and donate to environmental institutions in the region.


Napa Valley, California

The first commercial winery was opened in Napa in 1859. Since then, Napa has been among the recommended destinations for oenophiles, i.e. people who enjoy wine.

Napa houses more than 1,000 wine producers, however, the change in climate temperature has really affected wine growers and producers because of the increased number of summer days and the scorching sun is bad for growing wine grapes. This is a huge hindrance to the wine production business in Napa which if it persists, can halt the business.


Glacier National Park, Montana

If you live in the US or Canada, you’ll understand why Glacier National Park makes our top 10 destinations impacted by climate change.

Situated right on the border of the U.S and Canada, Glacier National Park park has attracted millions of visitors over the years. However, it is gradually losing its glaciers, which is one of the main attractions of the park and the reason for the park’s name.

Due to the rise of global temperature, the size of its different glaciers has reduced, and this reduction is more than 60% (according to the U.S. Geological Survey and Portland State University). As far as we can tell, the loss of ice will continue to happen as long as global warming keeps going on.


Key West, Florida

Key West is popular for its buildings, suitable conditions for snorkeling, and the relaxed atmosphere. The hurricane that happened in 2017 caused big havoc and the place has also been facing a lot of environmental difficulties as the sea level keeps rising and the state officials are set to elevate major roads which require a huge amount of money.


Alaska, United States

The Alaskan wilderness is twice the size of Texas and it is a great adventurous place for tourists and travelers. This wilderness is very close to the Arctic in Alaska and this Arctic has started experiencing erosions, sea ice retreat, and permafrost melt which is causing intense landslides.

Also, the high temperature has caused wildfires, leading to the destruction of Alaska’s wilderness. These wildfires are expected to continue as long as the high temperature persists. 


The Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea is also known as the ‘Salt Sea’. This is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east, and Israel to the west. Its surface and shores are 427 meters below sea level which is Earth's lowest elevation on land.

Over the years, this sea has been affected by climate change so much that it has lost one-third of its surface area and it keeps shrinking every day, we now have sinkholes appearing on its surface. Asides from the hot temperature causing this, the creation of dams. Pipelines and reservoirs from this sea continue to be a huge cause of its shrinkage and it may eventually lead to the sea being completely dry. 


A lot has been said about the effects of global warming on plants, animals, and many other things but much hasn’t been said about its effects on tourism. The beautiful places mentioned above are becoming less of themselves due to climate change. However, you can help by:

  • Investing in activists’ movements
  • Rebroadcasting to draw more attention to the situation
  • Going for tourism in these places to increase revenue for them.

The Newverest Team is passionate about preserving the natural heritage of the world for generations to come. Beyond that, we want everyone to experience these places as often as possible in their lifetime.

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