Top U.S. Airbnb Rentals That Will Make You Feel All Warm And Cozy

Fall is here, and that means it’s time to catch some foliage and get the firewood crackling. Whether it’s all the reds and purples and golds you love as the leaves start to change or that first sip of your pumpkin spice latte, there’s no doubting that fall is in the air. And with it comes an amazing and insatiable desire to get outdoors and seek some autumn adventure.

But sometimes for adventure, we have to leave our own backyard. The best fall adventures require cozy sweaters, warm mittens, and piles of leaves that you can jump into feet first. So here are our picks for The Best U.S. Airbnb Rentals For Fall.

Contemporary Log Cabin: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Nestled in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this isn’t like any log cabin you’ve seen before. Open, airy, and bright, the contemporary décor helps you feel right at home amidst the mountain setting. Hiking trails are right outside your door, and a trip to the hub of this charming mountain town is just a 15-minute walk. Sound perfect for fall? We think so too.

Modern Mountain Estate: Dawson Lake, West Virginia

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How would you like 800 acres of Appalachian mountains all to yourself? There’s a private 40-acre lake where you can watch the fall foliage change colors and 7 miles of trails all within walking distance of your house. Don’t feel like a walk? Enjoy the pool, hot tub, or sauna. If you want a little more excitement, zip lines and white water rafting are just a half-hour drive.

Rustic Casita: Taos, New Mexico

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Want a casita with a mountain view that’s just a few minutes from skiing and hiking? You’re in the right place. This large, one-room house has all the privacy you could want with amenities like restaurants and art galleries close at hand. Spend your days skiing, and your nights sipping wine on the porch. You won’t see many neighbors, but you’ll see a million stars.

Breathtaking Log Home: Estes Park, Colorado

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Get 2500 square feet, 4 bedrooms, and all the open space you could hope for. This mountain retreat in Estes Park comes with a hot tub and breathtaking views of the mountains that surround it. Find autumn adventures right outside your doorstep. This place books up months in advance, so if you think it’s for you, book it now before it’s too late.

Custom Tree House: Georgetown, Maine

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How would you like to spend a night sleeping in the treetops? This one-of-a-kind place is gonna leave you speechless. From the trees atop your 21-acre wooded hill, you’ll get water views and starry skies. Instead of just watching the autumn leaves fall, you can actually spend your days and nights living amongst them.

The Pondhouse: Ashfield, Massachusetts

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Need a place to unplug? The Pondhouse is perfect! There’s no Wi-Fi or cell service up here, so it’s the ultimate in relaxation. Don’t worry, if you really need to check your email, there’s Wi-Fi in the studio building. Sit in one of the many meditation spots around the pond or go for a walk in the nearby woods. Enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Whispering Wind Treehouse: Argyle, New York

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Fall asleep under a canopy of leaves that are right in the middle of changing colors. Open your eyes to reds and pinks amidst golden oranges and yellows. It’s a magical experience you’ll never forget. Find a cozy spot to curl up, write in your journal, and become one with nature. New York is autumn at its best.

Romantic Cottage: Golden Lake, Ontario, Canada

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This is the perfect place for two people to get away on a romantic vacation. Okay, so it’s not technically in the USA, but it’s pretty darn close. Autumn adventure is just waiting for you to come and find it. You’ll be surrounded by golden leaves, a beautiful lake, and a cozy fireplace. If you’re looking for a traditional cottage experience, this is it.

Charming Treetop Home: Winona Lake, Indiana

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This treetop cottage has all kinds of midwestern charm. You’ll be right off Winona Lake, which has all kinds of seasonal events going on during fall and winter. It’s walking distance to everything without compromising on privacy. If you’re in the mood for a little beauty and peace, look no further than this quiet home in a midwestern village.

Secluded Treehouse: Atlanta, Georgia

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Live amongst the trees for a while and see what it feels like to wake up and fall asleep high above the ground. This home has been featured on television and in magazines, and it’s at the top of vacation wish lists across the country. If you’re interested, don’t wait. Spots here fill up fast, especially as fall approaches.

So what do you think? With so many places to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. And fall is different in every region across the U.S. Maybe you’d like to explore sandy beaches of the cost of the Pacific instead of pumpkin picking. Or maybe pecan pies and apple cider are all you need to get in the autumn spirit, no matter which part of the country you live in.

The point is, the U.S. is big enough that it has something for everyone. So get an Airbnb and find a pile of leaves to jump into, or just curl up with a good book in front of the fire. Either way, your fall adventures are sure to stay with you when the season is over. Mark the places you traveled to on your Newverest Trek Scratcher, and never forget the trips you took. You can even use your Trek Scratcher to plan excursions for next fall. It’s never too early to start thinking about adventure. So go ahead and get started today.