Traveling with Children is Easy!

We all love adventure. Whisking your family off across the world can be an exciting treat, but it can also cause unforeseen hassles if you don’t plan ahead. Traveling with kids has its own special challenges, as well as its own special rewards. With a little planning, you can avoid the hectic feelings trips sometimes bring and instead sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.

Travelling with infants

Infants might sound like the hardest age group to travel with, but they don’t have to be. The great thing about traveling with infants is that thinking ahead can pay off big. Consider this, infants won’t object if you want to visit France’s Eiffel Tower or take a day trip down to Spain’s Ibiza beaches.

If your flying, most infants get to fly for free. Get an aisle seat and it will make your flight so much easier. Driving is a great opportunity to stop and stretch your legs. Just make sure you’ve got a car seat ready to go. All you need to remember with infants is to plan, plan, plan ahead! Make a checklist the night before you leave if not earlier. When you go to pack, scratch off the items you’re taking with you. What items are crucial and what can you leave behind? A diaper bag is something you don’t want to forget, but keep in mind that diapers can always be bought along the way.

If you can manage it, forget the stroller and wear your baby. It will make walking around so much easier. Food for your baby? That’s something you don’t want to leave behind. Make sure you have enough to get you to your next stop. If you’re using bottles, make sure to bring an extra. Eating an early dinner can help you get your baby to sleep early, and give you a good night’s rest. Remember to ask the hotel for a crib when you make your reservations.

Travelling with toddlers

Toddlers are fun to travel with because they get excited so easily, but that also means they can bore easily and get cranky when they do. Always have something on hand to keep them entertained, whether a puzzle, book, or game. Still potty training? Make sure you bring some pull-ups along with you.

Amusement parks like Disneyland in the United States are a great place for toddlers because adults can enjoy them too. There’s always something going on and a variety of rides for every age group. Food is plentiful, and most amusement parks offer shows where you can sit with your child and let them wind down from their day.

Travelling with school-aged children

Unlike infants and toddlers, school-aged children are able to express their likes and dislikes more easily. Ask for their input when planning a family vacation, and really listen to what they say. The easy things to forget, like toothbrushes and tissue paper, aren’t your big concern with this age group. You can always get more of those.

Instead, pay special attention to your child’s favorite items that they won’t want to go without. Do they have a favorite stuffed animal they sleep with every night? How about a blanket or pillow? Any medications? Worry about the essentials, skip the other stuff.

London, England is a great place to bring children in this age group because there are parks and playgrounds mixed in with an abundance of history. It’s a great opportunity to teach your child while also having fun with them! If you’re not sure which sights to point out first, take a tour. There are even tours that drive you around in air-conditioned buses so your whole family can stay comfortable.

Travelling with teenagers

Teenagers are an interesting group to travel with. Less dependent than younger children, they might like to explore the country on their own. As long as they’re in a big group, this might be okay and could be a good thing for the adults in your party as well. Let them walk around the streets of Belgium searching for waffles while you take a romantic stroll with your significant other. Later, you can all get together for a big dinner. A place like Venice, Italy is wonderful for exploring as well as eating, and the whole family will enjoy gondola rides along the canals.

The trick with teenagers is keep them entertained, listen to their opinions, and make sure they have spending money for cabs or buses. Remember to pack things like cell phone chargers, that way you can easily stay in touch and you’ll always know where they are.


Overall, just remember to have a good time! And always mark your memories with pictures and souvenirs, or get more creative with it. Newverest’s travel map is a great way to mark all the places you’ve been and all the places you still want to go. Get your whole family involved in organizing future vacations, and remember to plan ahead so you can enjoy your adventure together!