Fascinating U.S. Destinations With European Style

With the European border closed to the United States this summer, we know that your vacation plans won’t quite feel the same. However, the United States does have some European-style hotspots that you can visit!

We’ve rounded up some of the best places in America to deliver that European vibe that you’re craving. And before you go, make sure to pick up a Newverest Trek Scratcher to track and plan your visits!


Solvang, California: Denmark

Solvang is a Danish word for “sunny field,” and that’s exactly what Solvang, California feels like. It’s located just a short distance away from Santa Barbara, but its stunning Danish architecture truly feels like you’re being transported to Denmark. The town has many shops, restaurants, and bakeries to die for.


St. Augustine, Florida: Spain

The city of St. Augustine was founded in 1565 by Spanish settlers. In the mid-twentieth century, Florida created a program that was committed to preserving the Spanish history of St. Augustine, which included the restoration of over 36 buildings in order to maintain the colonial appearance of the architecture. 

There are buildings in St. Augustine that date as far back as the 1700s. You can also visit a 17th Century fort that has a view of the sea and experience tourist attractions such as Spanish colony reenactments in the Colonial Quarter.


Newport, Rhode Island: French Riviera 

Newport, Rhode Island is one of the fanciest-looking towns that the United States has to offer! You can play French Renaissance aristocrat while taking in the spectacular lavishness of the gorgeous architecture.

Some businessmen in the mid-1800s had a particular eye for mansions in the style of the European aristocracy, so they constructed Newport vacation homes in the same thread. This one-of-a-kind American vacation spot also has an extraordinary waterfront walkway that overlooks the ocean.


Ouray, Colorado: Switzerland 

Colorado considers Ouray to be the “Switzerland of America” due to its remarkable elevation of about 8,000 feet above sea level!

Some attractions include the Ouray Hot Springs, ice climbing in the winter, and hiking in the summer. This is a beautiful place to feel the mountain wind on your face while imagining a perfect Alpine getaway.


Pacific Coast Highway, California: Croatia

If the open road is calling your name, you might consider taking the long drive along PCH that extends from the redwood forests of Northern California to just beyond Los Angeles. The attraction here is the bountiful and versatile scenery as the California landscape changes along the North-South axis.

A large stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway consists of steep cliffs that resemble the Dalmation Coast of Croatia. Not only that, but you’ll spot various other European-style attractions along the way, such as Hearst Castle and Old Mission Santa Barbara.


Sonoma County, California: Italy

Of course, you’ll want to tour the wineries of Sonoma County that resemble Tuscany farms and vineyards. The vast wine vineyards of Northern California are no secret, but that doesn’t take away from the extravagant Italian-style indulgence that you’ll find here.

Alongside taking in the breathtaking view of the country landscape, you can engage in wine tastings, fine dining, classes, and tours.


New Orleans, Louisiana: The Melting Pot 

New Orleans isn’t just for Mardi Gras. It offers fabulous attractions year-round, inspired by French, Spanish, Cajun, and Creole settlements.

This historic city is famously known for its creation of jazz music, which was developed by the fusion of styles by African Americans and European immigrants making noise together.

Enjoy Spanish-style architecture, Cajun-style food, and a dazzling cultural mixture to get a little bit of everything, all in one place!


Leavenworth, Washington: Germany

The Cascade Mountains surrounding Leavenworth, Washington resembled the German Alps to such an extent that Leavenworth decided to run with it.

This town is modeled after Bavaria to a T. The architecture is all in a traditional German style, and they house German shops, restaurants, and bars. They even host the German holiday, Oktober fest, making this spot an ideal location for beer lovers!


Pella, Iowa: Netherlands

Dutch Immigrants founded Pella in the mid-19th Century and the town still bears its roots. Pella’s key feature is its famous Vermeer windmill that still grinds wheat into flour and operates solely on wind power!

Their annual Dutch festival, Tulip Time, consists of costuming, music, food, and parades. Pella also hosts quaint shops, restaurants, and even an opera house!


Whether you’re looking for mountainous Alpine-style scenery, aristocratic architecture, or rich European culture, there’s something for everybody on this list, and all across the United States! 

Some of these towns boast true European heritage from immigration settlements. Others are simply European lovers that live to serve European lovers like you. Still, others are home to beautiful natural scenery that seems to transport you across the globe.

We hope something on this list has caught your eye. If so, leave us a comment so that we know where you’re vacationing!