Horseback Riding in the U.S: 7 Best Trails

Get your cattle rancher vibes on with a little horseback riding vacation! Sometimes it’s nice to rest those hiking legs and try something a little different. Imagine looking at beautiful scenery while racing along the trails on horseback! 

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or you just want to try something new, there’s something amazing for everybody. We compiled a list of some of the best places to go horseback riding for all skill levels! 

Check them out below! And before you ride out, make sure to pick up a Newverest USA Scratch Off Map to help you plan and track your journeys!


Asheville, North Carolina

The best first stop for horseback riding in North Carolina is the Biltmore Estate. Here, you can test out some horses and nearby trails with guides that can help you pick the right one for your skill level. This is the best option for beginners and intermediate riders. 

However, you are not limited to Biltmore! The Appalachian Mountains offer miles and miles of trails that you can take via horseback. If you’re an advanced rider, you can swing by the Equestrian Center and ride out to the West Range, which has glorious rivers, waterfalls, and scenery.


Durango, Colorado

The town of Durango feels like you’ve been transported straight to the old west! In fact, it’s hard to believe that everyone isn’t walking around with horses and lassos.

Nearby, you’ll find the San Juan National Forest, which is full of rich sub-alpine trees with horseback riding trails that weave throughout the mountains. If you’re a more advanced horseback rider, you can take your horse up to Hermosa Cliffs, which peak at about 1,000 feet above sea level.


Eureka Springs, Arkansas

If you want a full and immersive horseback riding weekend, you can visit the Rockin Z Ranch, which is near Buffalo River National Park. They are an inn with horse stables, so you can stay right by the horses when you’re ready to take them out on a ride. 

They have about 780 acres of trails, and their ranch horses are excellent for beginning and intermediate riders. You’ll also want to check out Withrow Springs State Park in the Ozarks. It is a real southern wilderness!


Chinle, Arizona

In this arid southwest state, you can visit Torsonii Ranch to pick up some stunning and reliable horses. They have options for riders of any difficulty level. You can even take guided rides if you prefer. 

Canyon de Chelley is the biggest sandstone canyon in all of America! While riding along this trail, you’ll see beautifully scenic creeks and forests until you find Spider Rock, a famous spire that reaches about 800 feet in the air!


Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is one of the most scenic and bountiful places in the world. You can feel like the pioneers that expanded way out west back in the 1800s. We’d recommend picking up some horses at Triple Creek Horse Outfit, thanks to the helpful trail guides that are happy to assist beginners. 

Horseback riding through wine country feels rugged and debonair all at the same time! Our favorite trail for intermediate and advanced riders is Bald Mountain, which you can catch sight of the Golden Gate Bridge all the way at the top! You can also explore Jack London State Historic Park and take a break from riding to check out the museum.


The Big Island, Hawaii

You may not immediately think of Hawaii when you think of horseback riding. But trust us - it’s awesome! The Big Island features Na’alapa Stables, which can take you through the fertile lands of Kahua Ranch. 

They have about 12,000 acres of open land that you can ride. Or, you can head over to Waipi’o Valley to ride through some tropical rainforests that are rife with waterfalls. Hawaii has excellent trails for riders of all skill levels, so don’t be afraid to jump in!


Bryce, Utah

Head on down to Bryce Canyon lodge in Cryce Utah! Indulge in the oddly shaped rock formations of Bryce Canyon National Park. It’s a real cowboy adventure with ranch guides that seem like they’re right from the 19th century. The horses are experts at navigating the difficult terrain, so you can trust them! 

We recommend the roughly two-hour tour that starts at Sunrise Point. Your cowpoke guides will shower you with rich information about the canyon and how it was formed. Then, you’ll take the trail loop back through the bristlecone pines for a change of scenery!


What could be better than befriending a trusty steed while you speed through canyons, vineyards, forests, and mountains! 

Explore your country roots by taking the primary mode of transportation in the olden days. 

We hope you found something you’ll love on this list.