The 10 Most Beautiful Places On Earth You've Probably Never Heard Of

Everyone knows that the canals of Venice and the streets of Tokyo are simply incredible. But there are plenty of other, off-the-beaten-path places in this world that are plenty worthy of a visit. 

If you aren’t a fan of tourist destinations and want to take in some beautiful sights, we’ve got the inside scoop on some of the most uniquely beautiful locations that the world has to offer. Until you can get on a plane, use your Newverest Scratch Off Map to plot your course. Then, get ready to start packing so that you can hit the road as soon as possible. 

To plan a trip that is unique and undeniably breathtaking, check out these 10 most beautiful places on earth (that you’ve probably never heard of).


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

If you’re a fan of Mother Nature and all her splendor, a trip to the Plitvice Lakes National Park is a truly must-visit destination. Located in central Croatia not far from the Bosnian border, this UNESCO-protected nature preserve is a feast for the eyes. Boardwalk trails wind past an array of flowing waterfalls and forests of exotic greenery. The park itself contains 16 interconnecting lakes, which vary in color from a bold turquoise blue to glittering emerald green. In the trees, you may even spot some of the over 160 species of birds that call this park home. 


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

Located in the Wulingyuan District of China, visiting Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is like visiting another world. The first authorized national forest park in China, this UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts 185 square miles of some of the most breathtaking views that the world has to offer. Towering rocky cliffs covered in lush vegetation make this area both serene and wild all at once. Tranquil pools of water like the park’s Golden Whip Stream, for example are so clear that you can easily observe schools of fish darting back and forth. 


Banff National Park, Canada

The beauty of the North American wilderness is perfectly captured within the bounds of Canada’s Banff National Park. Located in Alberta's Rocky Mountains, it has been attracting travelers since 1885 and is Canada's oldest national park. The serene, emerald green waters of Lake Louise contrast beautifully against the park’s rugged peaks and glaciers.  Visitors to the park are even able to enjoy the steaming hot waters of the natural-occurring Banff Hot Springs, a spot that is world-famous for its restorative properties. From canoeing in the summer to ice skating in the winter, there’s an array of activities that allow you to take in the incredible 360-degree views of this incredibly scenic natural space. 


Kawachi Gardens, Japan

The Kawachi Wisteria Garden is any flower lover’s biggest fantasy. Located in Kitakyushu, Japan (which is about 5-hours from Tokyo), the gardens feature pathways that wind through colorful, flowering tunnels, surrounding the park’s guests in a vibrant venue that looks like it is straight out of a fairytale. White, blue, purple, and pink flowers are all on display, making this one of the most Instagram-worthy destinations on our list. Just be careful to visit during April and May when the flowers are in full bloom. 


Flåm, Norway

If you’re looking for a picturesque European wonderland, look no further than Flåm. Located in northeastern Norway, Flam is a small village that is surrounded by towering waterfalls, green mountain peaks, and the tranquil blue waters of Flam Harbor. It doesn’t matter if you plan on exploring the scenery from a seat upon the Flåmsbana (one of Europe’s most breathtaking train journeys) or would rather take to Rallarvegen on a scenic bike ride everywhere you travel in this charming valley will make you feel like you’re living out a European fairytale. 


Torres del Paine, Chile

Located in Chile’s Patagonia region, Torres del Paine is another National Park that is definitely worth mentioning. One of 11 protected areas of Chilean Antarctica, visitors to this magnificent locale will enjoy unmatched views of South America’s most stunning mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers. One highlight of this park is certainly the Torres del Paine a trio of tall blue mountain peaks that stand all in a row. Combine this region’s towering Torres del Paine, aqua blue ponds, and fuzzy wild guanacos, and you have a beautifully obscure spot that is located at the end of the Earth.   


Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is easily one of the world’s most beautiful places. A UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar, this stunning settlement’s vast array of mysterious temples are perfectly showcased by the area’s far-off mountains and lush green canopy of trees. While there are plenty of ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of this unmatched scenery (like taking a leisurely sail down the Irrawaddy River, for example) the best way is by hot air balloon. 


Huacachina, Peru

Everyone has seen movies or cartoons depicting a thriving oasis as a lush, green space located in the middle of a barren desert. The village of Huacachina, Peru brings this idea to life. Located just west of the city of Ica in southwestern Peru, this surprising village is an authentic oasis located in a sea of sand dunes. Green palm trees encircle the Huacachina Lagoon located at the center of the village. If you’re looking to visit a place that truly seems unreal, Huacachina is the place to travel. 


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Located in the Bern region of Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen is Europe at its most beautiful. This picturesque, secluded valley is home to 72 incredible waterfalls, majestic alpine meadows, charming mountain inns, and so much more. It doesn’t matter if you feel like hiking one of the many trails or prefer sipping wine with a gorgeous waterfall rushing in the background Lauterbrunnen is a beautiful spot that offers something for everyone. 


Boulders Beach, South Africa

A list of the world’s most beautiful places wouldn’t be complete without a breathtaking beach. Boulders Beach in South Africa, however, is a one-of-a-kind place that will defy your expectations in so many ways. Located near Cape Town, this beach offers crystal blue waters and striking granite boulders but let’s be honest, it’s the beach’s community of African penguins that truly steals the show. 


From flowering gardens to alpine valleys, there are plenty of places in this world that aren’t overrun by tourists. After visiting one of the obscure yet eye-catching places on our list, check it off on your Newverest Scratch Off Map…and then start planning your next off-the-beaten-path adventure.