The Best Mobile Apps for Travelers in 2020

One of the greatest things about traveling in today’s times is the convenience and excitement that mobile apps bring to our lives. While it is more difficult to travel during COVID-19, it’s certainly still possible! Whether you’re planning a big road trip or just traveling to another city, we’ve rounded up the fifteen best apps (in our opinion) that make traveling easy.

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1. The Best Way to Find Cheap Deals: Hopper

The Hopper app helps you get the cheapest flight and hotel deals by formulating when it is the best time to buy. They can help you choose the cheapest travel expenses up to one year in advance.  

Available on iOS and Android.


2. The Cheapest and Coolest Places to Stay: Airbnb

Airbnb is hands down the best way to book a place to stay. Airbnb is basically like Lyft for hotels. Regular people rent their spaces out to travelers, which helps them make extra money and can help you save so much on the room and board. Some people rent out entire vacation homes, and others rent out rooms. Prices vary depending on the space and locations are all over, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect spot for you. Plus, it gives you a more authentic travel experience!

Available on iOS and Android.


3. The Most Advanced Travel Itinerary: TripIt

Whether you’re traveling for business or you simply love a well-organized vacation, TripIt can help you develop the perfect travel itinerary. TripIt syncs things like your calendar, flight information, and navigation to make everything cohesive and easy to navigate. No more running around and pulling up a million different apps - TripIt does it all for you.

Available on iOS and Android.


4. The Most Detailed Navigation: Waze

Waze is a community-based navigation system that creates the most in-depth analysis of traffic and routes to take. Waze is updated in real-time, keeps track of construction and other roadblocks, and alerts you when police or traffic cameras are nearby.

Available on iOS and Android.


5. The Best Vacation Advice: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor offers the best comprehensive advice for everything you need to know about your destinations. From hotels, to National Parks, to nightlife, they will provide all the information on the best things that your destinations have to offer.

Available on iOS and Android.


6. The Best App for Cheap Gas: GasBuddy

The GasBuddy is perfect for road trips or expensive cities. Based on your location, GasBuddy will find all of the gas stations nearest to you and show you the prices. You’ll save money on gas by hitting all of the cheapest stations, and you’ll always know where the nearest gas station is.

Available on iOS and Android.


7. The Best Travel App For Nature Lovers: AllTrails

For the nature lovers, AllTrails gives you access to all of the hiking trail maps and guides that you could possibly need. It gives you information on each trail including trail length, difficulty, and reviews. With AllTrails, you’re part of a community that can take photos and records your trail activity as you explore.

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Available on iOS and Android.


8. The Best Luggage Checklist: PackPoint


We all know that dreaded curse of forgetting to pack that one thing that we weren’t supposed to forget. With PackPoint, you can ensure that never happens. PackPoint helps you develop a checklist of all of the things that you will need on your trip. Not only can you create and save your list, but PackPoint will offer suggestions depending on your destinations and travel plans.

Available on iOS and Android.


9. The Best Public Transportation Navigator: CityMapper

If you’ll be exploring an urban area without a car, CityMapper is the best public transport app for getting around. CityMapper includes information for cycling, walking, buses, trains, and even ferries where applicable. It’s also completely free!

Available on iOS and Android.


10. The Best Car Rental App: GetAround

If you want to rent a car, but don’t want to pay high fees and wait forever at a rental dealership, consider the GetAround app! GetAround is a rental share service that allows you to rent a car from someone in that city for as little as an hour or as big as a day. You’ll be helping the owner of that car make some money while sparing yourself exorbitant car rental fees. 

Available on iOS and Android.


11. The Best App For Last Minute Hotel Deals: HotelTonight

HotelTonight searches hotels to find you the best last-minute deals and discounts. You can book directly from the app, saving you time if you’re stuck in traffic and need to grab that deal before it’s too late!

Available on iOS and Android.


12. The Cheapest and Fastest Rideshare Service: Lyft

Lyft is the quickest, cheapest rideshare app that is bustling in every major city. You’ll never have to wait a painstakingly long time for a taxi or pay the ridiculous taxi fare. Most Lyft drivers are within a ten-minute range of you and the cost is calculated upfront, sparing you any unpleasant surprises. If you have a big family, they offer unique van services as well.

Available on iOS and Android.


13. The Best Weather App for Road Trips: Drive Weather

If you’re on a road trip, you can input your travel route on the Drive Weather app. It will calculate the weather forecast among your entire route and let you know when you might hit inclement weather. From there, you can adjust your route or route times to avoid hitting any alarming rough patches.

Available on iOS and Android.


14. The Best App for Sightseeing: RoadTrippers

Give the RoadTrippers app your route and trip itinerary and it will calculate the coolest sites to see along the way. You can build your destination stops and RoadTrippers will help you calculate the best path to hit them all! You’ll never miss an attraction.

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Available on iOS and Android.


15. The Best Flight Tracking App: FlightAware

FlightAware keeps track of all flight data and alerts you to any delays or changes. This helps ease airport nerves and ensures that you never miss a flight. You’ll always be aware of everything you need to know about your flights in one place. This is especially helpful if you’re dealing with any layovers. 

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Available on iOS and Android.


Whether you’re road-tripping, flying, or planning your vacation, you can find an app for every travel need. There’s something for everybody on this app list. We hope you have a smooth and exciting vacation!