The Most Breathtaking Coastlines Across the Globe

Ready for a beach vacay? Who isn’t! While hitting your nearest local beach can be a fun and relaxing time, you might want to consider venturing to something a little more thrilling. 

We scoured the globe for the most breathtaking coastlines that we are excited to share with you. 

From tropical, to temperate, to polar, let’s dive into some of the most wondrous coastlines in the world. 

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South Georgia Island

These rocky and mountainous islands in the South Atlantic Ocean are characterized by permanently snowcapped high mountain peaks. Deep glaciers and gorges slope through the land, inhabited by penguins and seals. 

If you look out to sea you might be lucky enough to see some humpback whales! The only way to reach South Georgia Island is by cruise ship, which sometimes arcs down to the Antarctic Peninsula!


Lofoten Islands, Norway

It’s always breathtaking when the mountains meet the sea, and the Lofoten Islands are no exception! Some of the land in Lofoten is almost completely untouched. When you gaze out into the distance, it feels like a window to another world. This area gets pretty high elevation, and the town of Leknes is actually part of the Arctic Circle. 

It’s only about 1,500 miles away from the North Pole! You’ll want to see the Lofoten Wall, which is a gorgeous chain of mountains, fjords, and straits. In the spring and fall, you can see the Northern Lights overlooking it all!


Antrim Coast and Glens, Northern Ireland

The Antrim Coast is so beautiful, it’s even been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Antrim Plateau features beautiful flowing rapids that dump into glens as they go out to sea. 

The island has stunning moorlands that overlook gorgeous coastal bays. Apart from just staring at the breathtaking coastline, you’ll also want to check out the Mussenden Temple and the Demesne ruins. 


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is Brazil’s second-biggest city, and it’s easy to understand why. The mountainous terrain towers over the populated city. Guanabara Bay is home to some of the most beautiful beaches. 

The gorgeous thing about this area is how the busy city projects such a presence, and yet it is nothing compared to the coastline and the mighty Sugarloaf Mountain peak that it resides between. If you want to have an urban adventure and a nature adventure all rolled into one trip, then this is the place to do it.


Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Great Ocean Road is just 151 miles of a coastline dream. It was built by Australian soldiers in the mid-1900s to be dedicated to all of the fallen soldiers from World War I. 

It is by far the most scenic war memorial that you’ll ever lay eyes on! A drive down the Great Ocean Road will reveal busy beaches, glorious waterfalls, and large limestone structures called the Twelve Apostles.


Legzira Beach, Morocco

If you find yourself in Morocco, you are definitely going to want to hit up Legzira Beach. It has a bit of a native and furrowed feel, which really allows you to take in the earth’s natural beauty. The best part is the sandstone arches with deep red coloring that mark this beach with a special unique character. At sunset, the red sandstone glimmers its beautiful sheen against the colorful sky. You can indulge in many activities here, such as surfing or parasailing.


Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, Hawaii

The fertile volcanic Na Pali coast is about as colorful as you can get. You’ll find a versatile landscape of peaks, valleys, streams, and waterfalls. It can be reached via the Kalalau Trail which is best for serious hikers. 

You’ll be hiking for about ten miles in order to reach it. However, you can camp along the way, so don’t feel like you have to tackle it in one day!


Cinque Terre, Italy

Five incredible Italian villages are built into the coastline of Cinque Terre. It’s only reachable by foot once you reach a certain point. The easiest way to get there is to take a train nearby, and then walk the rest of the way. 

The pathways through the villages wind through the rugged coastline. Along the way, you’ll see beautiful manmade terraces that overlook the ocean, gardens, and other treasures! In fact, the place is so gorgeous that it is an established UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


Admittedly, even writing about these places took our breath away. Just imagine what it feels like to see any of these coastlines in person! 

We sure hope we inspired your next coastline trip.