4 Tips How to Travel While Working Full Time

Traveling while working full time sounds like a pipedream to most people, but in reality, it’s very possible.

You certainly don’t need to take a gap year to start exploring the world.

In fact, with a few minor adjustments in your life, travel is a real possibility while holding down a 9-5.

Check out these top tips and you could be jet-setting around the world while maintaining a full-time job.

1. Take advantage of your weekends

To become a traveler while holding down a job, it’s absolutely vital you take advantage of all your free time. Begin a journey as soon as you clock-off on Friday and arrive back home Sunday evening. That gives you two days-worth of exploring, and you haven’t even used vacation days.

2. Volunteer for work trips

Many companies will ask their employees to travel for business reasons. Always put yourself forward for the journey. The trip and expenses will be paid for by your company and any free time can be used to explore. To maximize your trip, extend the stay by a day or two using vacation days. This should give you enough time to fully appreciate your location.

3. Use your vacation days

Do not be afraid of taking your allocated vacation days. On average Americans only use 51% of their eligible paid vacation time. It is there for a reason: to help you recuperate and will ultimately make you better at your job.

Furthermore, while you are on a paid vacation, leave your work in the office. On average 61% of Americans work while they are on vacation. The odd email here and there is nothing to worry about, but how are you going to travel when you’ve got your head in a laptop?

4. Work remotely

If you’re lucky enough to be able to work remotely then your possibilities for travel are endless. Just head to your destination of choice, connect to the internet and work your normal hours. Any free time after that can be used doing the thing you love: traveling.