The Most Picturesque Hot Springs in the World

Are you ready for a spa day? Maybe it’s time to visit some natural hot springs. There are places all over the world where you can take a dip one of the many earthen jacuzzis. Hot springs are formed when groundwater that is heated from the earth’s interior bubble to the surface. 

The source of this heat can be radioactive, or in some cases, volcanic. Not all hot springs are suitable for bathing, but some reach just the right temperature and offer a luxurious experience. 

Let’s take a look at some of these hot springs below! And before you go, make sure to pick up a Newverest Scratch Off Map Of The World so that you can plan and track your destinations!


Sichuan, China: Huanglong National Park

Huanlong National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a versatile landscape that includes everything from frozen mountain peaks to beautiful hot springs. 

The hot springs aren’t swimmable, but they provide a breathtaking view. Huanglong is translated to “yellow dragon,” which is a fitting name, as the hot springs seem to wind their way through the landscape like a dragon - or so they say. 

As you walk along the springs, you can gaze upon the bizarre and intricate terrain that has formed over millions of years. It is rife with waterfalls and caves. At the very top, an ancient Buddhist Temple overlooks it all.


Dunton Hot Springs: Dunton, Colorado

Thankfully, the Dunton Hot Springs ARE swimmable. So, if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, you can kick it in the San Juan Mountains, where the hot springs range from about 86 degrees to 105 degrees. 

The resort is gorgeous. It boasts a rustic cabin vibe on the outside, while it feels like a five-star hotel on the inside. You can experience the famous indoor bathhouse and enjoy the natural springs outside. There’s plenty of unique springs to keep you occupied!


Bali, Indonesia: Banjar Hot Springs

Of course, there’s plenty to do in Bali, so you’ll have lots of entertainment to choose from. We highly recommend the Banjar Hot Springs for one of your stops. It has a spa, pool, jacuzzi, and delicious Indonesian food. But those are just the man-made attractions. 

The hot springs here have a high concentration of sulfur, giving it magical healing properties. They have an amazingly relaxing temperature of about 100 degrees, and they even have a children’s area. So, bring the family!


Himachal Pradesh, India: Khir Ganga

This is an ideal vacation for serious hikers. You can start by enjoying a wonderfully scenic four-hour hike up Parvati Valley. This will land you at the hot springs where you can relax your muscles and reward yourselves for the trek. 

The meadow of Khir Ganga is steeped in myth, there Shiva is said to have meditated for three millennia. The hot springs do offer a meditative experience. You can also visit the Hindu temple that is in the area.


Fairbanks Alaska: Chena Hot Springs

The Chena Hot Springs are like stepping into a dream, especially at the right time. Imagine bathing in these natural hot springs under the Northern Lights. The surrounding resort has many amenities that also include indoor tubs if you don’t want to be outside. 

They also have an Ice Museum and ice bar, which is truly unique. So, you can enjoy your favorite beverage after taking a dip in the hot springs of your choice.


Deception Island, Antarctica

If you’re brave enough to visit Antarctica, you’ll be pleased to discover that there are ways to warm up. Not all of the geothermal springs are swimmable, but some are! 

Either way, the heat that they radiate provides some relief from the frozen air. A caldera from an underwater volcano is responsible for the hot springs that you’ll find here! 

The only way to reach the island is via cruise ship. It contributes to the quiet romanticism of the whole experience.


Denizli, Turkey: Pamukkale

Pamukkale, or “cotton castle” is a seventeen-tiered hot spring with a temperature of about 95 degrees. The limestone gives the waters a creamy sheen that contributes to the feeling of royalty that the entire experience creates. 

The carbonate minerals make it look like an ice palace even though it isn’t actually ice. When the sunlight reflects off of the water, it feels like you’re in heaven itself. 

This is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it contains an ancient ritual history. It’s almost like you can feel the ancient influence while you’re there. 


Whether you’re looking for something scenic or just wanting to get into a relaxing spa zone, there’s something for everybody on this list! 

Isn’t it amazing how you can find hot springs anywhere from Colorado to Antarctica? Planet Earth is pretty spectacular. 

Which hot spring destinations caught your eye on this list? Let us know in the comments!