15 Perfect Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Adventurous Dad

Father’s Day is coming up and we know you want to get your father something hip, creative, and functional. We’ve compiled a list of fifteen interesting and dad-approved gifts for this celebratory occasion. Many of these are for travel-oriented and adventurous dads to make their expeditions easy, safe, and fun for the whole family!

Let’s get started.


1. Pocket Blanket

For camping or hiking dads, the pocket blanket is a great gift for when they hit the great outdoors. The pocket blanket comes in a compact case that is so small it can literally fit in your pocket. It can be easily placed in a bag without taking up very much space. But they extend out into a full-length lightweight blanket. Many are water-resistant and provide basic ground protection from twigs, rocks, and bugs. This can also go into an emergency kit, or you can try using them as a blanket for a picnic with the family too!


2. Newverest Trek Scratcher

Surprise travel-loving dads with the Newverest Trek Scratcher map. He can keep track of the places he’s visited and inspire new destinations!


3. Personalized Flask

Personalize a gift for a whiskey dad by engraving his initials on a sleek leather or metal flask. He can take this with him on outdoor adventures or keep his favorite liquor in it for a special treat at home.


4. DIY Travel Pack

Set up a DIY travel pack for your dad with a trendy outdoor backpack and some of his favorite snacks. You can make your own trail mix with his favorite flavors, some of his favorite desserts, or beef jerky for a protein punch. (You can even make your own jerky!)


5. Gadget Travel Bag

Get your dad a sleek and slim gadget organizer for the road. He can easily keep all of his electronics, cords, and other gadgets on hand with easy to locate compartments and lightweight carrying.


6. LED Photoluminescent Flashlight

Get a flashlight with a photoluminescent casing! This flashlight glows in the dark, so your dad will never struggle to locate it. It’s perfect for overnight camping or as an emergency supply for the house.


7. Dry Bag

Dry bags are completely waterproof. Some are small containers that can fit right in a backpack. They can hold phones, wallets, chargers, or anything else that can’t get wet during outdoor journeys. Other dry bags are as large as backpacks to protect anything your dad wants to carry!


8. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Get a carry-on cocktail kit for your dad’s favorite cocktail! This comes with portable serving sizes of ingredients for a cocktail (sans the liquor.) They come with a little mixing spoon too! Your dad can order his favorite liquor on a plane and mix it with the cocktail. Or, he can bring a flask with him on road trips or camping excursions.


9. Luggage Tracker

Your dad will never have to worry about losing luggage again! Get him a GPS luggage tracker. He can place the tracker in his luggage case and then use his phone or device to track his luggage every step of the way.


10. Portable Hammock

For the dad that loves a little outdoor lounging, get him a portable hammock! These are easy to carry and set up. They can be taken camping, hiking, or even the park during a lazy picnic day.


11. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This handy gadget is always a good choice for music-loving dads! Get him a rechargeable portable Bluetooth speaker for outdoor excursions. No plugging in is necessary and he can enjoy his favorite tunes from his phone anywhere he goes.


12. Personalized Whiskey Stones

Nobody likes watered-down whiskey! Get your dad some freezable whiskey stones. The stones replace the ice so that he doesn’t have to worry about losing that fiery flavor. You can even engrave them with his initials for a personal touch.


13. Emergency Fire Starter Kit

Get your dad a good, old-fashioned emergency fire starter. This doesn’t have to be used just for emergencies! It’s always good to have on camping trips in case you run out of lighter fluid. Another idea is to make your dad a full emergency kit complete with a compass, flashlight, and unperishable snacks - for more of a DIY touch.


14. Docking Station

Surprise your dad with a docking station for all of his devices and gadgets! You can go two ways with this gift. You can get him a portable one so that he always has an easy way to charge up on long trips. Some even come with special adapters for world travel. Another option is to get him an easy docking set-up for the house. He can organize his gadgets and devices while charging them all in the same place! No more cords, wires, or devices strewn about the house!


15. Solar-Powered Phone Charger

A solar-powered phone charger requires no electrical plug-in. He’ll never have to worry about being phone-dead in the middle of an adventure. These chargers are powered by the sun! Plus, they’re small, lightweight, and easy to carry.


Did you find the ideal gift for the special dad in your life? We have a little bit of everything on this list: electronics, consumables, supplies, and more! We hope these gift ideas helped. From all of us here at Newverest, have a great Father’s Day!