The Best Airbnbs Near U.S. National Parks

If you’re looking to maximize your safety and comfort during your travels this summer, you might be thinking about getting out into nature, where you can safely keep your distance from others while traversing the most beautiful landscapes that the United States has to offer.

But it’s not all about hotels when it comes to a National Park visit. Getting an Airbnb is a fantastic way to enjoy a cleaner, more luxurious, and often cheaper experience while you explore the greatest American landscapes.

We’ve compiled a list of high-rated Airbnbs that are near some of our most wonderful National Parks. If you book any of these Airbnbs, you are in for a positive living experience as well as convenient access to the National Park that you’re dying to explore!

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Congaree National Park: Luxury Treehouse

Congaree National Park hosts a glorious hardwood forest with a thriving ecosystem. It’s characterized by tall deciduous trees of many kinds and contains a variety of wildlife. You can go hiking, fishing, canoeing, or kayaking while enjoying the scenery.

The Luxury Treehouse is located about thirty minutes from Congaree National Park. At $250 a night, you’ll have the entire space to yourself, which includes a relaxing hot tub, a roaring fireplace, and it overlooks a beautiful creek.


Mount Rainier National Park: Cozy River Cabin

Mount Rainier, an active volcano, is nothing short of regal. It’s marked by an astounding glaciated peak and a beautiful forest. You can hike, climb, or camp to surround yourself with various landscapes, depending on the season. In warmer seasons, you can visit the wildflower meadows or tour the waterfalls. In the snowy season, you can still hike or trek the glacial bridge!

The Cozy River Cabin is a stunning A-frame cabin right between the Cowlitz River and Coal Creek - a quick fifteen minutes away from the entrance to Mount Rainier National Park. It has a spacious outside area to enjoy, plus a wood-burning fireplace, and a lofted bedroom area above the common space.


Capitol Reef National Park: Dark Sky House

Visit the delightful canyons and cliffs of Capitol Reef National Park! You can spend time picking fruits in the orchard, exploring the mystifying geology of the rock formations, or stargaze the open and vibrant skies at night. 

The Dark Sky House offers a quiet getaway to retreat to after a long day of activity! It is a two-bed and two-bath with a dazzling open view of the landscape from all sides. It has a polished and contemporary feel and is only five minutes away from Capitol Reef National Park. So basically, you’re right in the park’s backyard!


Grand Teton National Park: Granite Ridge Homestead

Grand Teton contains boisterous wildlife, serene lakes, and a mountainous landscape that instills a sense of expansion and adventure. You can hike, explore the rocky terrain, and sightsee the noble animals that call this place home.

Complete with outdoor patio, hot tub, garage, and four bedrooms, the Granite Ridge Homestead has everything you could possibly need for your stay. This is a massive space with multiple bathrooms, a full kitchen, dining room, and a common area. You’ll have plenty of room for the whole family!


Olympic National Park: Thompson Point

If diversity of nature is what you’re looking for, then Olympic National Park is the place for you! The roughly one million acres of this park contains a plethora of wildlife and multiple types of ecosystems, including glacial mountains and temperate rainforests.

The Thompson Point Airbnb is actually inside Olympic National Park, so no further transportation is necessary! It is an expansive space that can comfortably host 10 people, and it overlooks the magnificent Lake Crescent, giving you a spectacular view right from the balcony. If you enjoy fishing, you can fish from the balcony as well!


Glacier National Park: Meadowlark Treehouse

Glacier National Park is a hiker’s paradise with about 700 miles of unique trails. During your hike, you can uncover the many elements of this National Park’s landscape including lakes, mountains, meadows, and forests.

The exquisite Meadowlark Airbnb is a two-story treehouse with a spiral staircase that leads up to plenty of luxurious niceties for your stay. It’s located about thirty minutes away from Glacier National Park and saddled right next to a ski resort.


Saguaro National Park: Agave Suite

The saguaro is a giant cactus that is scattered across the southwest United States. Saguaro National Park is a hotspot for seeing these native cacti. You can hike, camp, or cycle to explore the wildlife and striking desert landscape.

The Agave Suite is part of a small inn that features several different private rooms for guests. It borders the National Park, so there’s no need to worry about transportation to the park, and you have access to the communal area that includes a kitchen, pool, lounge, yoga studio, and patio with a firepit!


Zion National Park: Eco-Friendly Cabin

Zion National Park is an alluring desert characterized by vibrant canyons, mesas, and some beautiful trees. Zion is very focused on preservation, and you can help participate in that preservation by funding them with your visit! You can hike, camp, and even participate in ranger programs.

The Eco-Friendly Cabin is another stunning A-frame. This Airbnb is fascinating because it has an entire wall that opens up for you to enjoy the skies and open-air if you wish! Its small frame is perfect for people that want to feel like they’re camping while getting a few extra amenities. It has solar-powered lighting and electricity so you can charge your phone. It also has a barbecue grill, fire pit, and outside dining area.


Hot Springs National Park: Mountain Air Treehouse

Indulge in the natural thermal water sources of Hot Springs National Park! You can partake in the Fordyce Bathhouse, discover Gulpha Gorge creek, and explore the great expanse of trees that seclude the park.

You have six charming treehouses to choose from during your stay at the Mountain Air Treehouses. They are just a few minutes away from the Hot Springs National Park, and you can enjoy a king-sized bed, kitchen, and fireplace.


Joshua Tree National Park: Stargazing Cabin

The Mojave and the Colorado Desert meet right in the middle to form the picturesque Joshua Tree National Park. As the title suggests, this park is known for its exotic Joshua trees, which are short in stature and have palm-like bulbs on the edges of the branches.

The Stargazing Cabin is an off-the-beaten-track Airbnb that is perfect for living lavishly while still brushing shoulders with the wilderness. While it looks rugged on the outside, it is absolutely opulent on the inside. It has delightful furnishings and can host 2-4 people.


We know that it’s not just about your travel destination, but also the place you’re staying that creates a truly magical vacation. You can turn your National Park trip into a dream by laying your head at any of these sumptuous getaways.

Do you have your eye on any of them? Let us know in the comments!