The Most Stunning College Campuses in America

Whether you are a lover of higher education and who they serve, or you’re a student looking for the ideal campus for you, many colleges boast their own unique style and character. 

There are so many wonderful colleges across the country and it can be difficult to choose which campus to visit. 

We compiled a list of some of the most stunning college campuses in the United States to help you narrow down your options. 

If you’re in the process of deciding the right school for you, you’ll definitely want to make sure that these places are on your list! 

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Waco, Texas: Baylor University

Baylor University was originally established when Texas was still the Republic of Texas. It was almost named San Jacinto University. Instead, it was named after R.E.B. Baylor, a Baptist minister and co-founder of the school. 

Baylor University is heavy on Georgian architecture, giving it a comfy, yet regal atmosphere. You’ll definitely want to go see the Draper Academic Building, which has arguably the most beautiful architecture of the whole school. You might also want to see the McClean Foyer of Meditation area, which is modeled after the Leighton House Museum in London.


Rome, Georgia: Berry College

Berry College is a quaint school that was built to accommodate the underprivileged kids that lived in the mountain towns nearby. While it has a small student body, it has 27,000 acres of gorgeous land and gothic style architecture. 

The most standout building is the Ford Dining Hall. The whole campus seems to just blend in with the natural scenery as if it was always meant to be there.


Hyde Park, New York: Culinary Institute of America

Calling all future chefs! You will definitely want to check out the Culinary Institute in New York. While you’re just a train ride from the big city, you can remove yourself from the noise while you’re on campus. It overlooks the Hudson River, and it offers a peaceful academic experience. 

This college was actually the first in the United States to teach the culinary arts. They also offer some classes for non-students that just want to pop in and brush up on some cooking skills. The school also runs four public restaurants that give the students hands-on experience of what it feels like to operate a popular eatery.


Hanover, New Hampshire: Dartmouth College

Established in 1769, Dartmouth College is one of the oldest and most beautiful schools in the United States. Thornton Hall and Wentworth Hall are some prime buildings to visit, as they’re the oldest on campus (constructed in the 1820s) and they seem to transport you through time. 

However, the newer buildings, such as the Hopkins Center, only contribute to the beauty of Dartmouth. The old meets the new in a beautiful synergy that shows how things grow and change while still sticking to their roots.


Washington, D.C: Georgetown University

Georgetown University in Washington D.C. sure does seem to turn out a lot of bright minds that go on to work in the capitol right across the way. While there, you’ll want to check out The Hill that overlooks the river. Healy Hall is also a winner, as that same architectural team also built the Library of Congress. 

Georgetown only takes about 15% of applicants, so it’s a prestigious undertaking. But whether or not you attend, you can still visit to take in the breathtaking campus on the way to your other prime D.C. destinations.


Gambier, Ohio: Kenyon College

Built in 1824 and founded by the first Bishop of Ohio, Philander Chase, Kenyon College is a liberal arts paradise. It has a beautiful mixture of rich vegetation and urban art installations. 

They boast sustainability with biodiesel initiatives, a composting system, and upgraded recycling methods. The classically styled buildings in combination with the innovative and artistic activities of the campus create a truly unique college aesthetic.


Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University

Princeton is an iconic college campus that has everything you would imagine a college to have. The buildings are historic, the trees provide ample shade, and the stately lawns are well-tended. 

It is sandwiched between two major cities that students can visit on off days, but it still feels like a secluded paradise. Most of the dormitories are still the original gothic-style buildings, which gives students classic college experience. It is definitely one for the books! 


Whether it’s the location and landscape that suits your fancy, or you’re more about the interior and architecture, every campus on this list has beauty in both. These colleges are a whimsical slice of rich history with so much to offer. 

What colleges on this list do you want to visit? Is there a campus outside of this list that you think is beautiful? Let us know in the comments!